Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sophie and Antoinette in the Sex Dungeon - Watersports Story

First let me tell you it is a weird sensation to watch a movie of your wife fucking other men (and women and machines - I will get onto that later in the detail section) when hours before you had said goodbye to the 10 year older version. I had forgotten how thin she was - she had a big ass even then but it was firm and hard and she had a hard, flat belly most women would kill for and although her tits are not large they are perfectly proportioned. She had a great body, I have to admit it. I always knew she enjoyed sex but I didn't know she enjoyed it so kinky. I actually learned a lot from this film when I first watched it with her about ten years ago -and not just emotionally, also sexually.

For those of you who are new to the "Sophie's World" series, or you are reading not quite in order, I will give a quick introduction to Sophie and myself. Any of you who already know it just skip this paragraph. It is a problem I have usually writing for children. In every new book you have to reintroduce the characters! To make it short and sweet - Sophie and I have been married for 22 years, have three kids and live a completely alternative lifestyle. From our first moments together Sophie told me I would have to accept her sexuality or find someone else and as I was already too far gone to say no I of course accepted. I must add that I first met Sophie when she was filming exactly the movie I am presenting here - and that if you look in good old video stores you can still find it. It was re-released in 1985 on VHS tape (the original is 16mm) as "Adventures in the sex dungeon".

Sophie was starring in the film to make more money while going to University and I was doing the finishing work on my first post doctoral paper on the motivations of professional sex actors and actresses. We married less than a year later and she made her last movie actually only a few days before our marriage. Actually it wasn't her last movie - she has a very active extramarital sexual life and she seems to attract visually active men - at least a lot of them enjoy filming her and them or whoever else is involved. We love one another as much as the first day but I know I cant give her what she needs sexually so she gets it where and when she can and enjoys herself doing it. From the very first day she "cheated" on me she has always told me exactly what happened and I have, to be honest, enjoyed hearing it and as the years have progressed I have become dependent upon her stories and really get off on them.

The film starts with her and Antoinette in a grey walled room with lots of chains, pulleys, ropes and things on the wall. The two of them are looking at the things and giggling, especially over the large dildos and stranger things. On the other wall different "costumes" are hanging and the two of them strip and start to try on some of the stuff, helping one another put it on and kissing and licking one anothers nipples. There is as seems to always be in these movies, an attempt to build a plot, which is quite silly as all it is meant to do is get two women naked so they can be fucked. Anyway they manage to get one another dressed into the appropriate S and M leather - Antoinette with a dog collar around her throat and a leather cat suit covering her arms to the fingers and legs to the toes and slit up the sides, tied with things, so her tits could be seen from the side but not the front, and with the ass and cunt cut out so it was fully visible. (She told me later they had to Vaseline the woman off camera to get the thing on because leather is not known for its sliding abilities!).

Sophie ended up in a typical S and M outfit - leather straps around her tits, pushing them up very nicely, and a broad leather belt around her hips. The belt was joined to the "bra" through a thick leather strap with three rings sewn onto it. From behind it was almost identical - except that the "bra" had a relatively thick strap across her back with thin straps in the vertical over her shoulders - that joined the construction around her tits - again attached to the belt covering the upper quarter of her ass with the same broad leather band with a ring in the middle and one on each end. The leather was padded so it didn't pull into her skin - which is very important. Then Sophie took a chain dog lead and attached it to the collar from Antoinette and she played as if she was a dog, both of them laughing.

Then four men wearing only pants came into the room and two took Antoinette and chained her with the other end of the lead to the wall while two held Sophie's arms. They said something but it was about as stupid as the undressing scene so I didn't really register it but the 4 of them converged on Sophie, the two who had tied Antoinette to the wall carrying leg and arm shackles out of leather. They took her to the middle of the room, over a rubber coated mattress and laid her face down on it. Then they took her hands and legs and put the shackles on her, feeling her ass and legs as they did so. Then the one guy came back with a steel bar about 1 m long with cuffs welded onto the ends and they placed this between her legs, cuffing her ankles. To do it they bent her legs up above her ass and attached the shackles on her wrists to the one on her ankles and then spread her legs with this bar. (I asked her later - on the day I was interviewing her 23 years ago - if it had been painful, and she replied that the first few minutes were on the edge of pain but she soon forgot it and that it was never painful, only uncomfortable). Then they took a pulley with four ropes attached to it and fastened it to the bar and the three rings and strung a rope through the pulley.

Which they then strung through another pulley slightly over their heads and started to winch her up into the air. She screamed and begged them to stop, what did they want to do? They should let Antoinette and her go. One of them replied that they intended to let Antoinette go - she had work to do. At which point two of the men came back into the scene dragging Antoinette - who was walking on her hands and knees, by her chain. The other two are still holding the ropes winching Sophie into the air. They told Antoinette to sit on her legs, which she did and to undress them. Each and every one f them was wearing button fly jeans and no underwear and Antoinette slowly unbuttoned and undressed each man, feeling and licking at their cocks as they came free. While Antoinette now alternated sucking and stroking the cocks of the two men who had brought her over the other two, also naked and half hard, tied the ropes to iron rings on the wall. Now Sophie could swing back and forth about 50 cm but she couldn't go up or down nor control at all what was going to happen to her.

The two Antoinette had worked on were now rock hard and one stuck his cock in Sophie's mouth and the second held her still for a moment and then pushed his not at all badly built cock - it was quite a bit larger, and especially thicker than the others - into her cunt. One directed Antoinette so she could either lick on Sophie's tits, pussy or the ass of the guy fucking Sophie while the fourth one shoved a huge dildo in and out of Antoinette's cunt. The thrusts of the guy fucking her started her swinging and the guy she was sucking used her natural rhythm to shove his cock ever deeper into her mouth and throat until she was almost gagging on it. There were screams, some begging and a faked orgasm before the guy in her mouth pulled out and shot all over her face and hair. He traded places with the one directing Antoinette where to lick and not long afterwards the guy fucking her came in her cunt, amazingly not with a cum shot. The fourth guy gave the dildo to the one who had just finished fucking her and took his place, really slamming into her so her entire body was swinging in the air, alternately swallowing or completely releasing the cock of the guy she was blowing, who was directing her head with one free hand, while holding the base of his cock with the other. T

he guy she was blowing came all over her hair and even spurted onto her back and not long afterwards the fourth guy left his load in her cunt, this time in accompaniment to a real orgasm from Sophie, screaming and thrashing as best she could while hanging a metre off the floor. You have of course been asking what is really so kinky about that and in a way you are right - although being fucked by two men while hung in the air with your hands tied to your feet and your pussy spread open because of a bar between your feet is pretty kinky - the kinkiness starts now. One of the guys comes back with a speculum and puts it in her cunt and they slowly open it so that the camera can see deeper and deeper into her pussy until it is really wide open and you can see the cum lying on the walls. Then they open it even further so that they can put in the dildo they have been fucking Antoinette with - and it doesn't touch the sides of the metal speculum! And this big floppy plastic dildo was huge. Antoinette comes into the scene and slowly removes the dildo and licks some cum from it and then she takes a long ice cream spoon and literally scoops the cum out of Sophie's pussy - all with close up camera - you can see the cum lying on the walls of her pink, opened pussy and the juices still gurgling at the base - and eats it, then licks as deep as she can into the pussy with her tongue.

Then it seems as if they rotate her so she is now hanging with her head down, shoulders resting on the rubber coated mattress, her spread pussy now about a metre off the ground, straight up and down. When you look closer of course - which I admit can only be done on the third viewing, you see that they have retied the strap things so she is suspended in this manner. It of course gets kinkier from here on in. With her pussy still spread wide open with the speculum, still trussed and tied and suspended, and a camera about 1 metre above her fully extended cunt, one guy stood at her back and one at her front and both pissed into the speculum that was holding her pussy open as if it were a funnel. Most of it went in, and you could actually see how her pussy filled with foaming piss but a lot went splattering or falling onto her back and tits and face as well. (Now you know why there was a rubber mattress).

Other cameras made sure to capture those angles as well. When they had shaken off the last drops the two remaining men replaced them and did the same, pissing until her pussy actually ran over, piss running out of the specula and down her belly into her tits. (Again I asked about this scene later and she said she hadn't realised until then that piss is warm - she of course knew it but it hadn't really clicked. And fresh piss doesn't actually taste or smell that bad - which I know from some of the kinky things we have done) Then they took the speculum out of her pussy and she clamped her pussy lips together - which she said gave her an incredible feeling, every little movement made the fluid slosh inside her cunt and it was distended to the breaking point - she says it was like being fucked by a huge pulsating cock - and while they laid Antoinette underneath her they flipped her over so her pussy was right above Antoinette's mouth and Antoinette licked at her distended clit while piss trickled out onto her face and then in one act she let the muscles go and all the piss burst out of her over Antoinette, who was trying to drink as much as possible and getting covered in it, and Sophie starting screaming in a real orgasm that made her nipples stick out like hard bullets and her entire body shake and quiver.

The scene then flips to a new room. Antoinette, now dry and completely naked, is handcuffed to the bedposts of a four poster bed so that her torso and incredibly good looking tits - they are probably C cups, nicely formed with large nipples and no hints of silicone - are perpendicular, with her legs wide apart tied with sashes to the other posts. Sophie, still in the harness and still tied is swung into place over the bed and lowered until her nipples are just touching the sheet. Then she is tied tight to the wall so that she has about 10 to 20 cm of swing back and forth. Her mouth is at this point about 10 cm from Antoinette's pussy. One of the men brings a scream ball with a 6 " dildo attached to the front of it and puts the ball end in her mouth - she bites on it with her teeth - and then straps it tight around her head. They position the tip of the dildo so it is just in Antoinette s pussy lips and then the camera flips to the end of the bed.

Do you know what a fucking machine is? If you don't that is OK, I didn't either until that day. It is an electric motor that pushes a piston arm in and out and can be adjusted as to the length of the stroke and the speed of the stroke and whether or not there is a wobble in the stroke or not. At the end of this fucking machine a 12 inch (they measure it with a ruler just to show how long it is), very thick, very veined plastic cock had been attached. They positioned it at the end of the bed and slowly advanced the plastic cock to her pussy lips and then started it. The machine was slowly pushing in and out of her and she was moaning softly, her nipples rubbing on the sheets of the bed and the dildo attached to her mouth had started to enter Antoinette. One guy kept slowly increasing the length of the stroke so that slowly, tantalizingly, more and more of that long plastic cock kept sliding in and out of her. They had it set so that it made a full stroke - every time it came out it came almost all the way out and then started back in again The camera angle changed until they focused down the stroke of the machine - and it was an incredibly sexy sight - her legs tied up in the air, forced apart with the metal bar, her pussy lips swollen outwards, juice leaking down onto the bed (A lot of it was the lubricant they kept putting on the cock she told me later when I asked how she could get so wet for a machine), slightly swinging with the strokes of the machine.

When they had finally got to the point where the machine was going full stoke in and out of her pussy they began to slowly increase the tempo of each thrust. By the time they had it up to 50% of the full speed she was slamming the dildo on her mouth full into Antoinette's pussy and moaning and screaming around the scream ball in her mouth. Suddenly she started to thrash her head and the dildo popped out of Antoinette's pussy and started to rub her belly and leg while Sophie screamed and screamed. I have seen enough of both her fake and her real orgasm to know that this was the real thing. Even that first day when I stepped onto the floor where they were filming and watched this scene live I knew it was a real orgasm. It was incredible - even the director had a bulge in his pants.

The men were stroking their now hard cocks and the camera focused in on the speed dial as they turned the machine up to 85 %. Somehow they managed to get the dildo back into the pussy of Antoinette - and Sophie kept cumming, whimpering now instead of screaming, her hard nipples readily visible as they scraped the sheet and the pulsing of her pussy lips on that huge dildo also easy to see. They slowed the machine down and as they did Antoinette came - actually squirting twice like a man when he cums. I have never seen anything like it - she squirted female cum all over Sophie's face and hair, thrashing and moaning. It was incredible and they worked the squirting from her clit back into the film in slow motion - it really shot out of it. (She said that Antoinette told her that it only happened once in a while so they were lucky to get it on camera, and she told me it tasted like honey) They had slowed down the machine to an almost non-existent tempo and it was only touching and just entering her pussy but the close up of her cunt showed how her pussy lips were quivering and would flutter open every time that thing touched them.

They took the scream ball out of her mouth and she started to beg that they continue to fuck her with the machine - which she had been paid to do, but when we watched it together she said she really did want that thing in her again, it had been incredible - and she begged them to fuck her with it again, pleading, licking her lips, trying to lick on a hard cock as it came near her mouth. Instead one of the men, limp, knelt down before her - they had taken Antoinette away without my noticing it - and holding his cock towards her asked her what she would do to be fucked by the machine and she said anything. Slowly they started to increase the depth of the stroke but not the tempo so it was starting to penetrate but still agonizingly slowly. He flicked a bit of piss from the end of his cock into her face and asked her if she would drink that to get fucked and she said anything and opened her mouth wide.

Then he started to piss in her mouth and she swallowed all she could although some dribbled out of her mouth onto the bed and at the same time they turned the machine from almost 0 to over 70% and full stroke and as she screamed she arched her back so high that her tits were fully visible from the front camera, spitting what ever piss she hadn't yet swallowed all over the lens of the camera that was filming it. The guy who had pissed in her mouth was crouched on the bed beside her, holding her shoulders against the swing from the Sybian machine and it was pounding into her full length and tempo and her eyes glazed over as she started to cum again and again and again, moaning for them to stop but obviously not meaning it. The camera alternated between close ups of her face, her glazed eyes and half open, panting mouth; her engorged nipples sliding up and down the coarse sheets, and her pussy being stuffed with that monster. Then the scene flips and Sophie was lying naked, without the outfit, on the bed, while Antoinette sponged the sweat from her body. Here is where I thought the movie was over because the day I interviewed her the filming ended here. I should have known they would film on more than one day but somehow it didn't click until I was sitting watching it, my hand stuck up to the wrist in the pussy of the same actress, only 10 years older, while she sucked my cock deep into her throat.

The scene opens with Sophie tied face down to a different bed, one with an old fashioned wrought iron headboard, seemingly in the middle of a room; arms and legs spread wide - a pillow under her hips to raise them for fucking, Antoinette tied to the bedposts of the bed, but standing, facing her, her tits crushed against the metal bars of the headboard. One of the men comes into the scene and sits at the point where the pillows should be between Sophie and Antoinette, his cock hard and sticking in the air, pointing at Sophie's face, and leans back to kiss Antoinette who leans over to tongue him. While he does so he tells Sophie to lick his ass and she stretches her head a bit and starts to lick at his asshole while he holds his balls to the side. As this is going on two of the other men come in and one starts to fuck Antoinette in the ass while she is standing and the other - the one with the big long cock -starts to fuck Sophie in the pussy from behind. He was really stroking it in and out of her, long slow strokes and she came although I am pretty sure it was a paid orgasm she faked it very well, arching back up against him, fucking him with her hips until the rhythm was really brutal and they were slapping into one another and she just kept on moaning and licking the asshole and balls of the guy in front of her while she pushed her hips back up against the guy fucking her so that every stroke resounded with a slapping sound as their bodies met.

Then the guy on the screen pulled out and came all over her ass while the guy whose ass she was licking jacked off into her hair. At this point I did exactly the same. She let my cock out of her mouth because she loves to see it spurt and hand jobbed me until I shot cum all over her hair and tits. I missed a bit of the movie, being engrossed in my own orgasm and as I looked back at the screen they had laid her on a table, stretching her legs around the table legs and cuffing them tight and stretching her arms down and cuffing them, ensuring that her body was as taut as a wire and that her tits thrust up into the air. Her head hung down over the side of the table so she couldn't see what was going to happen. The guy who hadn't yet been involved in this scene strode up to her, already hard, with a long thin dildo in his hand which he slowly inserted into her ass until it was all the way in and then he slowly and exquisitely inserted himself into her pussy. Behind her you could see a second table where Antoinette was getting the same treatment.

Antoinette had larger and shapelier tits but somehow Sophies looked even sexier, especially when the next two guys came bringing nipple screws for each woman and as they made the women suck their cocks they slowly tightened the nipple screws onto first one and then the other nipple. I asked her about that as well and she said they had hurt but with all the fucking and sucking and everything else that comes later it gets forgotten pretty quickly. The guy fucking her picked up the tempo until he was slamming into her, tweaking on the nipple screws as he shoved it as deep into her as he could. She moaned around the cock in her mouth and sucked it in deeper, her head rocking with the motion of his thrusts. I thought her neck would break as with every stroke he pushed her head back farther, really tautening the muscles in her neck and I swear you could see when the head of his cock pushed against the inside of her throat. Sophie started to moan loudly on the screen and her nipples seemed to grow even harder through the nipple screws - and her entire body began to quiver. Sophie rocked and quivered and groaned and moaned and the guy in her mouth pulled out and jacked off into her open mouth, most of the cum running out of it and down her face to her eyes, which she quickly closed. The man fucking her just kept up the tempo and then pulled out, pulling out the ass dildo at the same time, squirting his load up onto her arched belly.

The screams and groans on the TV were almost unbearable and she admitted later - real - it is incredible to orgasm when you are tied tightly she said. They untied Antoinette - who had been given the same treatment and to whom the camera gave equal time, leaving the nipple screws on her and she came to the table with a champagne bottle. Antoinette knelt at the end of the table and started to slowly fuck her with the neck of the champagne bottle, inserting more and more until she actually had the shoulder of the bottle in Sophie's pussy. She was groaning and throwing her head but Antoinette simply ignored her and kept on fucking her with the bottle, very slowly. Antoinette peeled the foil from the bottle and removed the thing that holds the cork in place and then opened it with a loud pop. Then she put her thumb on the bottle top and shook it until the pressure was shooting little streams of champagne around her thumb and pushed it into Sophie's pussy.

They had every camera angle you can imagine and replayed it in slow motion three times - it was as someone had given her an electric shock. Her entire body arched against the restraints until her back was in the air, one of the nipple screws actually shot off, and her neck was so stretched you could see every tendon. Instead of screaming all that came out of her throat was a high pitched whine that went on and on. When she relaxed and fell back onto the table Antoinette shook the bottle again and shoved it in her again - with the same result, except that this time it was if someone had turned off the sound - her arching body, champagne running out of her cunt to the floor, every muscle everywhere visible, twitching, again the second nipple screw popping off through the pressure in the nipple and breast, her mouth open as if to scream but soundless.

Now Antoinette was drinking champagne out of her cunt, lifting her ass a little and pouring some in, then slurping it out, Then each of the four men were pouring champagne into her pussy and drinking it and Antoinette was sucking and licking on them until each was hard enough to fuck her again. Sophie was oversensitized (It has happened to us a couple of times and then you can't touch her without her cumming) and as the first man shoved his cock in her pussy, champagne squirting out around it, her entire body shook, eyes glazed over and head lolling. She was panting so hard it was almost as if she were hyperventilating but she moaned deeply with each thrust and the camera caught the quivering of her ass muscles as she arched her back into him. He pulled out and shot a squirt of cum on her dripping pussy.

The next guy was already waiting - and on it went for all 4 - and she never stopped orgasming the entire time they fucked her. Someone put the nipple screws back on her but when the third guy - the well built one - was fucking her they both popped off again, unable to hold against the strain of her body. You have never seen anything like that. All the time, from the moment the first champagne spurted into her until the last guy came on her tits it was one long continuous orgasm, her entire body straining against the restraints, unable to scream or really moan, just enjoy. And the scene is over 20 minutes long.! Sophie just kept cumming and cumming and cumming - and it wasn't faked. When they released her from the table she was bathed in sweat and Antoinette started to lick the cum and sweat off of her belly and tits and then they tongue kissed as the film ended.

At this point she was riding my already hard cock again, watching the screen herself, wondering out loud about how thin she had been back then. I was ignoring her, slapping her ass with both hands as she rose and descended on my cock. The movie was probably about half way rewound when I arched up into her and shot my load deep into her pussy. She squirmed and turned, milking every last drop out of me. I have to admit I was glad she didn't fuck me like that every day. I felt as if I had been milked.

This is probably one of the extremist movies she made - and although she came incessantly she didn't really enjoy it. She likes sex, there is no question there, but she is not big on degradation or pain. In fact we have probably only ever had sex with bondage a handful of times in our 23 years. She made one more, even more extreme film, and then she concentrated on advancing. She has done that very well. She has advanced because she is incredibly intelligent and competent - and it probably hasn't hurt matters any that she fucks her bosses!

-the end-