Sunday, January 31, 2010

He Sipped - Watersports Story

He sipped on his giant sized fountain drink and looked at the clock on the dashboard with dread. He was 45 minutes late. Normally that wouldn't bother him, but he knew that Leesa was waiting at home for him. The more time he left her waiting, the more devious the punishment would be. He said a silent prayer, hoping against hope that she was caught in traffic somewhere. But he knew in his heart that she would never be late to one of these sessions. For a moment he thought of the excuses he might offer, but with a sigh he discarded them. His mistress had no tolerance for excuses.
He walked into the house expecting to find her in full bitch mode. She shocked him by walking out of the kitchen in a soft cashmere sweater and skirt that that caressed her breasts and sweet curves of her ass..

She smiled at him and he realized that all was well. He must have been mistaken about her command that he prepare himself for an evening of her entertainment. She kissed him leisurely, enjoying his taste. As she picked up her jacket she informed them she had made reservations at their favorite rib joint. The twenty minute ride passed quickly as they exchanged the events of each other's day with one another. She ordered their food and two pints of Guinness, his favorite meal in the world. He smiled at her over the black brew, anticipating a relaxing evening with his spouse.
When the meal arrived she asked the waitress for another pint, never allowing him to decline or in fact even state his preference. The meal progressed casually. He loved watching her eat ribs, it was enough to make him fantasize about wet deep blow jobs that she loved to torment him with. She treated each morsel as if it was the most important thing in the world. The exact same way she treated him in bed. He felt his cock beginning to stiffen and realized that he had better go to the bathroom, before watching her made it even more difficult. He rose and excused himself, almost missing her reply in his haste to empty his bladder.

"Did I give you permission to go relieve yourself?"

He sat back down instantly, so well trained was he. For a moment he just stared at her in shock. She had never denied him control over this aspect of his life. It had just never been something she had asked of him. But he knew better than to deny her anything.

"No Mistress, you did not."

"I didn't think so. Eat up enjoy your meal. As soon as your finished I thought we might take in a movie."

Suddenly the ribs didn't taste as deliciously as they had mere moments before. The waitress returned and he was horrified to hear his mistress order him another pint. Silently he complied, clearing his plate and drinking till he felt his bladder would explode. She paid the bill and they began the long walk to the car. She smiled at him as they entered the cool night air.

"It's such a beautiful evening, the movie theater is only a few blocks away, Why don't we walk?"

He instantly took his place beside her, hoping that his display of obedience would win him some reprieve once they had arrived at their final destination. Every single step seemed to jar his bladder. He tried thinking dry thoughts, tried counting backwards, tried to recall every strike of her hand across his ass when he pleased her. In the distance he could see the Marquee, he could just barely make out the names of the movies. He sighed with relief as he saw no lines at the cashier. Perhaps once they got inside, she would give him some reprieve.

Ever so sweetly she smiled at the male clerk, asking him if it was true that this theater was showing Gone With the Wind, for a limited time. The young teenager nearly fell over himself trying to answer her with a resounding yes. She bought two tickets and walked determinedly over to the concession stand. He almost wept when he heard her order two large Ice Teas. He knew he couldn't do it, there was just no way he could take another ounce of liquid. Yet he also knew if she commanded it he would. That was the joy of their relationship.

They moved into the dark theater and found seats away from the steadily growing crowd. He helped her remove her jacket, just as she had trained him. He could make out the outline of her nipples in the dim light the projection booth was giving out. He didn't think anything had ever looked more seductive in his life. As they sat down she positioned her jacket in his lap and handed him his drink. Without a word he obeyed and began to slowly sip the sweet torture down.

The next three hours were spent in an endless agony of clenching every muscle in his body in an almost futile attempt to control his bladder.

Joy filled him as he realized that what seemed like the worlds longest movie was almost over. As Scarlet and Rhett went through a series of misadventures, he felt the slender fingers of her hand slide under her jacket. Ever so lightly she began to stroke his cock, applying exactly the right amount of pressure. As she worked his zipper down he stopped breathing. The combination of the emergent need to urinate and the beautiful sensations she was creating with her hand were indescribable.
She never rushed, never missed a stroke as she worked him up into a cold sweat. His cock pushed up into her jacket. Horror filled him as he realized that the movie was ending and people were getting out of their seats. She removed her hand and with the same sweet smile told him that if he needed to use the bathroom she would wait for him in the lobby.

He struggled to zip up his pants over his raging hard on. Using her jacket as a shield he made his way in a panic to the men's room only to find a line of fifteen in front of him.

Feeling like some kind of a pervert, standing in line for a urinal with a cock so hard it could split iron, he thought that he would scream from the injustice. His eyes sought her out, and he walked meekly towards her. She smiled in sympathy, and assured him that she would get them home quickly and did he think he would be able to make it? He nodded, wordlessly, afraid to open his mouth because he knew how close to begging he was.

The darkness of the car hid his distress as he drew his legs up towards his stomach, clenching muscles he had never known existed until this evening. Tears gathered in the corners of his eyes, as sharp talons of internal pain coursed through his stomach. As the pulled into their driveway he wanted to sprint inside, but he knew better. He opened her door and escorted her inside. With both hands grabbing at his aching cock he awaited her permission.

Finally after what seemed like a millennium she spoke, "You may relieve yourself now, but before you do would you mind pleasuring me?"

She pulled the caressing soft wool up over her thighs revealing his favorite garter belt, higher still until he could see she was pantiless. Instantly he fell to his knee's with a groan and made his way over to her freshly shaven pussy lips. She was wet without him even touching her. The sight and scent of her hot spot drove him past all reasoning. Forgetting who was top and who was bottom he grabbed her ass cheeks and ground his face into her entire crotch. He drove his tongue into her, lapping up ever bit of sweetness she could produce, back and forth he moved his whole face, barely hearing her wails of pleasure.

As he felt her rise up on her tippy toes, beginning the first spasms of her orgasm, fire spread in his crotch. He realized in a panic that he had lost control of his bladder. Like a distraught two year old he grabbed at himself through his pants trying to stop something he no longer had control of. Once he had begun there was no going back and he felt tears of shame mix with her hot cum juice on his face. He had peed himself and there was no denying it. It seemed as if the very gates of heaven had opened, as his urine soaked his pants from the crotch all the way down and pooling on the kitchen floor.

Leesa moved away from him and the mess he had created. Looking down at him in his kneeling position, she smiled tenderly at his distraught countenance.

"Clean up your mess, strip, put in the large butt plug, and come downstairs to the basement to be punished."

His head jerked up in amazement. She was going to punish him any way, even though he had disappointed her. Hot desire filled him as he hurried to complete his tasks so he could receive what he so desperately craved at her hands.

-the end-