Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Annie - A Watersport Story

Birthdays with her have always been special, and on this birthday, she promised unimaginable delights.

I had no idea what she had in mind, all I knew was that previous birthdays had provided to me my first experiences with anal sex, with cross-dressing, and with exhibitionism, so I knew it would be wild.

But even though I knew it would be wild, I hadn't expected her to come thorough the door with her friend Annie.

At that moment, I knew it would be wilder than ever, But little did I know how wild. It took no time to get down to it, and we were all naked on my bed, me sporting the erection of a lifetime. "You thought this was just a 3-way, didn’t you?", my girlfriend asked me. "But you’re wrong." she said, Annie has an awesome talent and that’s what this is about.

I had no idea what she was talking about, but I barely cared at that moment as I watched my girl and her friend start hugging and kissing. Soon they were in a 69 and I was getting the show every guy dreams about.

I put my cock to Annie’s cunt as my girl licked her and got the treat of feeling that tongue against my cock as I slid it into the hot wet confines of Annies tight box. But my girl soon put an end to it when she broke up our little game and told me it was time for the main event.

I figured to get a double blowjob and told her so. She just laughed and said maybe later. "Annie", she said, "Assume your position."

Annie slid to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs up high, pressing her knees to her tits. Taking some KYoff the nightstand, my girlfriend put some on my cock and then Annie’s ass. "Great", I thought, I was going to get to assfuck her friend. But I couldn’t imagine what was so unusual here. My girlfriend held my cock, and positioned me to fuck Annie’s ass. Slowly she led me in, and it was surprisingly easy sinking all the way into that dark passage. In no time, I was fucking her ass just as I had her cunt.

My girlfriend leaned over Annie and played with her clit while Annie pulled her cunt open for her. Looking down, it was an incredibly hot scene, seeing my cock sliding in and out of her ass as my girlfriend diddled her clit.

I wasn’t prepared for the stream of pee that suddenly leapt out of her cunt like a water fountain. It splashed back onto her, soaking her cunt and draining over my cock.

"Isnt that the coolest?", my girlfriend asked. "Do it again", she insisted, and up shot another spray of pee. This time, my girlfriend lapped at it in midair, and when Annie stopped she sucked it right off her clit.

My girlfriend was right, it was most unusual, and very hot. I knew I was in for a long day of wild fucking.

Annie was indeed amazing. She could make herself fountain pee almost endlessly.

My girlfriend was going wild, tasting the pee as it came up, then cleaning Annie’s cunt after. The pee added lubrication to my cock as it plowed annie’s ass. Between the tightness of her ass and my girl’s wild sucking I knew I couldn’t last much longer, It was clear Annie couldn’t either. "I’m going to cum soon!", I told them.

My girlfriend smiled at me, and told me to pull out when I did and shoot it at Annie’s cunt while Annie peed some more. I was getting really close now, Annie could feel it too. I was pounding hard into her while my girlfriend was sucking her clit for all she was worth. By her ragged breathing and jerky movements, I knew Annie was close to her orgasm as well.

Just when I couldn’t stand it any longer, I pulled out and aimed for Annie’s cunt and my girlfriend’s face. I shot out a long spurt, tracing up Annie’s cunt and across the bridge of my girlfriend’s nose. At that moment I could see Annie’s pee shooting up hitting my girlfriend’s lips as she opened her mouth trying to swallow it as it arched upward. My second shot splashed right on Annie’s clit, and into my girlfriend’s mouth mixing with the pee that she was drinking.

It had to have been the hottest thing I ever saw! I couldn’t stand it any more and guided my cock to my girlfriend’s mouth so I could feel her lips with Annie’s hot pee on my cock. It was great feeling that pee against my cock as my girl’s lips were sucking the last of my cum out.

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Even though it all seemed to occur in slow motion it ended too fast. We were all covered in cum and pee and made our way to the shower.

My girlfriend said she had to pee first, but I told her no, I did too, but the shower would take care of it. All three of us laughed, knowing what was coming.

We all crowded into the shower letting the hot water rush over us, feeling our bodies rub together while sharing a three-way tongue swap.

"I really have to pee.", my girlfriend complained, so I got below her and told her to let go. Annie held my girlfriend’s pussy lips wide and I put my mouth right over her cunt. The water from the shower rushed down her body into my mouth but when she started to pee the taste and feel was unmistakable.

"Wow!", my girlfriend said, "I had no idea you’d be into this!" But I was too busy swallowing to respond, I just sucked and sucked, letting what I couldn’t swallow wash over me. I could taste her cum juice as she peed and kept licking after she stopped peeing knowing that between my tongue and Annie’s knowing fingers, she’d be cumming in no time. Indeed, her groans became more intense and soon she grabbed my head forcing me harder into her cunt as she came violently on my face.

I stood up and looked at my two showermates, their hair matted to their head from the water, their nipples hard and demanding, their chests heaving in excitement, and I knew I had to pee now too.

"Ladies, it’s my turn.", I said.

Annie smiled, and said that perhaps it was time to give me that double blowjob I had mentioned earlier. " Works for me.", I said. They then dropped to their knees and kissed each other with my cock between them. It was a sight I had long dreamed of but never thought I’d see. As hot as it was, though, I couldn’t get hard because I had to pee too badly.

"Girls," I said, "I’m gonna pee, not cum." I pulled away from those wonderful lips and took aim. My piss shot out hitting Annie square in the face. I moved to my girlfriend and gave her the same thing. I kept moving back and forth, spraying their faces with my piss, watching them lick it up.

Their enjoyment was obvious as they both had their fingers in their cunts, rubbing themselves intensely as the pee covered them. When I was about done peeing I pushed my cock into my girlfriend’s mouth and let her suck the last of the pee out.

She went at me eagerly, and no sooner was I done peeing, that my cock began to grow in her mouth. I turned off the water and we got out of the shower. We all toweled each other down as quickly as we could and practically ran back to the bed.

Now we were all ready for some serious fucking.

-the end-