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A Different School - Watersports Story

Part 1
By Francine

Eddie Michelson was, perhaps, not entirely a typical fourteen year old. In his midwestern locality, morals and family values were held in high esteem, and this was especially true in his own family. His father, an engineer, and his mother, a physical therapist in a local hospital, did the best to get their two sons quality educations; and, in their view, this meant private schooling. They thought the schools they selected were superior to the public schools in levels of teaching, strength of discipline, and moral values. Eddie's older brother was now away at college, leaving him as the only one at home with his parents. Eddie now attended ninth grade in an all-male school, which his parents thought especially good for his development at this age. There were few single-sex schools left, but his was one of them. It was paired, to be sure, with an all-girl school a few miles away, with which it shared some programs and social events, but Eddie had grown up in what was basically an all male student body.
To be sure, he had plenty of exposure to women - most of his teachers had been female, and he had girls in his neighborhood with whom he was acquainted. However, he had no sisters, and no girl classmates, so Eddie was not entirely comfortable around girls. Not to worry, his mother had told him; lots of time later to spend with girls. What was important, just now, was concentrating on his school work.
This, Eddie did with enthusiasm. He was not an athletic boy, and disliked active sports. His real interests were scholarly, and he excelled in mathematics and science. His real love, however, was languages - his favorite class was German; taught by a lady originally from Frankfurt who also taught chemistry in his school. Eddie admired her, and loved her class. German was seldom offered in the local schools; French and Spanish being much more common. In fact, the only reason there was a German class was that the teacher, really hired to teach sciences, was qualified and on the faculty, and so a single class was offered. There were only six boys taking the course, and now it was only three weeks before the end of the semester. Eddie hoped it would gain be offered in the semester following, but because of the low enrollment he had been told this was in doubt.
Eddie's father was delighted with his son's scholastic capability and attitude, not at all concerned that he was a bit withdrawn. He saw Eddie as a potential engineer, as he was, and found his interest in German a future advantage to him in possibly working for an international firm. Eddie himself was not terribly concerned about his future - just now he was happy with his life. He had his school, his books, his hobbies, and a small number of boys who were his real friends. His mother tried to widen his social interests, but seemed pleased with his intellectual pursuits.
It was on a Wednesday that Eddie was called to the school office, right from his third period class. Eddie had not been been a discipline problem, and with some anxiety he presented himself at the principal's office, wondering what incident might have provoked this summons.
The principal's secretary bade him wait a few minutes, then ushered him in to see Mr. Howard, the principal. Mr Howard was a tall, slender man, good with students, and with a friendly manner. Eddie found this fortunate - he was quite shy, and hated being placed in confrontational situations. Mr. Howard put him at ease.
"Eddie", he began, "you are certainly one of our outstanding scholars. I want to commend you on your grades and your work. We're proud of you!"
"Thank you, sir", was all Eddie could think to say.
"Eddie, you know you are one of the six students in Miss Schmidt's German class. She says you have an unusual ability and hopes you will continue your studies in German. Do you like the course? "
"Oh, yes, indeed, sir! Miss Schmidt is a great teacher - I'm trying to learn as much as I can. I hope to travel to Germany one day, and I would love to be able to read some books in German. I'd like to take German again next semester."
"That's what I need to talk to you about, Eddie," Mr. Howard continued, "you see, Miss Schmidt is having to leave us at the end of this week. She may be back next year, and if so we will try to offer German again, but I'm afraid we won't be able to offer it next semester because we won't have a qualified teacher. In fact, we won't be able to complete the class here even for this semester. You have two weeks to go, and Miss Schmidt won't be here to teach or to give the final exam. I think you do want to complete the semester, though."
"Yes, sir! I am sorry about Miss Schmidt - she's really a great teacher, - I hope she'll be back."
Mr. Howard continued. "Eddie, of the six students in the class, you are the only one who really needs to complete the last weeks to get your credit. As you probably know, two of the boys are not passing the class, anyway, and they will repeat it if we offer it again. One doesn't need the course credit to graduate, and doesn't want to continue. We offered two of the boys an opportunity to complete the course, by going temporarily to another school, but it does not offer other courses they are taking, so it's not workable for them. You, however, have a chance to go to the other school for two weeks, if you wish, and if you take all your classes there, including German, which they offer, then you will get full credit. Then you will return here for the start of next semester. Are you interested?"
"Yes, sir. What school would I go to?"
Mr. Howard smiled. "You will go to Huntington Academy, just for the last two weeks. As you know, we have a partnership with them, and the same buses serve both schools. You will have no problem getting there, and it will be only for two weeks. They do have a small German class, and it will enable you to complete the course."
"But," Eddie protested mildly, "Huntington is a girl's school!"
"We know. You will be the only boy there. We have made arrangements with Mrs. Jordan, their principal, and she has agreed to accept you for this short period. Eddie, I know you may feel a bit out of place at first, but, remember that the great majority of boys in this country go to schools with girls - we are one of the few schools that is still limited to boys only. Believe me, you will adapt! It's won't be that hard. In a couple of years, you'll probably be going all the time to classes with girls. It isn't all that bad!"
Eddie nodded. Mr. Howard explained the details, and gave him some papers for his parents to see.
That night, Eddie explained to his mother and dad what he was about to do. His father just smiled and shook his head. "Eddie - you'll do fine. I'm sure a school full of girls isn't going to scare you!" His mother was a bit more understanding, and gave him a bit of encouragement.
The next Monday morning, Eddie prepared for school - his new one. The school bus normally arrived at his pick up point at about seven A.M.; to get the students to classes starting at eight. The same buses went to both schools, dropping boys at his accustomed location, and taking the girls to the next stop at Huntington Academy. Eddie was less concerned about dealing with the girls than the teasing he was going to get from the other boys. He know several other boys envied him, for many of them would love to be in coed classes; but inwardly he was filled with misgivings about how he would relate to classmates who would all be female.
He readied himself for school; dressed, visited the bathroom, grabbed a bit of breakfast. He was accustomed to taking care of himself, as his father was usually gone before him, and his mother was busy getting ready for her own job. Eddie went out waiting for the bus at ten to seven. The bus was on time, and he was immediately the subject of crude remarks from several boys. The girls seemed to have to say, although one expressed a bit of amusement, saying, "We're going to have a BOY in our classes? "
The bus stopped at Eddie's old school first, and all the other boys got off.. Eddie was left in thee company of a group of girls. While several ignored him, most showed signs of delight, or at least amused interest, at his presence. They weren't, he decided, at all unfriendly. While they were of assorted ages, some older and some younger than he, those of his own age group seemed quite happy to have him.
When the bus unloaded at Huntington Academy, a woman teacher met the bus. "You must be Edward Michelson, and you're going to be with us for two weeks?" "Yes, ma'am," Eddie replied, "and I go by Eddie!" He know he was >embarrassed in this all female surrounding, and he felt he was blushing a bit.
"I am Miss Hardie", the teacher introduced herself, smiling. "We're glad to have you. I'm going to take you to our principal, Mrs. Jordan, so we can explain to you somethings you need to know."
Eddie was ushered into the office and introduced to Mrs. Jordan, who was an older, grey haired, and somewhat heavy lady, but with a friendly smile that reminded him of Mr. Howard. Mrs. Jordan went over the class schedule he would be following, gave him a book of rules, and discussed with him his academic standing and how his grading would be handled. Then, with a smile on her face, she turned to Miss Hardie, and said "Let's bring in Jennifer, now!"
Miss Hardie returned a moment later with a girl about his own age, in the crisp uniform dress all the girl students wore. She was nice looking, about the same height as Eddie, and slender. Perhaps she was not a real beauty, as girls go, but she certainly wasn't homely. Mrs. Jordan introduced her.
"Eddie, this is Jennifer. She's a ninth grader, as you are, and she's one of those in our German class; so she'll be taking German with you, and a couple of other classes as well. Now, Eddie, I know there's a lot you'll want to know about how our school operates; so I am assigned Jennifer to you as your guide, while you are with us. She will tell you what you need to know, and I think you would rather talk to her than to me. Ask you whatever you need to know. I'm going to give her the rest of the period to go over things with you, and then she will stay with you for the first part of the day. Jenny, I want you to make him welcome!"
Jenny led Eddie out of the office and to a bench outside the office, where they both sat. To be sure, Eddie was quite shy with girls, but realized he was going to be surrounded by them. Jenny was friendly, but formal, as she went over the locations of classes, where they had lunch, where his locker would be, and a multitude of other details. Eddie asked her a few questions, carefully, not wanting to seem too ignorant, and especially not wanting to embarrass her.
After a bit, when they seemed to have covered what Jenny thought was necessary, she escorted him to his first class. They entered just as second period began, and Jenny introduced him to the teacher, who then introduced him to the girls in the class. This wasn't as difficult as it first appeared, Eddie thought. The girls seemed to accept him.
He noted at once that the class was much tidier and more orderly than what he was accustomed to. The girls were better disciplined than the boys were, and the classrooms were cleaner and better organized. He did hear a few giggles, and the teacher had only once to deal with students talking in class. Eddie liked the order, and the girls seemed accepting of him.
After end the end of third period, which was German, Jenny left him, saying she would see him again at lunch. On his own, Eddie followed his directions to the next class. It was now just after eleven, and he thought he would take a bathroom break. He looked for a boys bathroom.
He did quite a bit of looking. There were a number of girls' rooms, but he didn't see a boys bathroom any where. He used up almost all of time between classes in looking, with no luck. No matter, he thought, he could wait a bit longer, even if it was a bit uncomfortable; then he would have a better look to lunch time. There had to be a bathroom for boys - surely, the faculty knew that he would need to use one.
He got through fourth period. Even without Jenny, he found he could manage with the girls; although really he talked to them very little. He was beginning to think about his increasing need to find a bathroom. He looked some more - with no results. Of course, he thought, he could ask one of the teachers - they seemed nice! But, the thought of asking a female how to find a boys' bathroom was just too embarrassing! He would try to figure out another way.
Jenny was waiting for him at the cafeteria. "Hi! You found it - you're doing OK! How did fourth go?" Her manner was casual, but Eddie reflected that being his guide was her school assignment. For just a moment he thought of asking Jenny how to find a bathroom - but he couldn't bring himself to discuss such a subject with a girl. His need, however, was becoming much more urgent. It was now noon, and he had last emptied his bladder just after six that morning, and he had been drinking water frequently from the hall fountains. Despite his need, he just couldn't ask Jenny.
Jenny stayed with him though the cafeteria serving line, then sat with him a several of her friends as they ate. Eddie ate his lunch quietly, mostly listening to the girls and saying little himself. He emptied his drink and refilled it, as he sat nervously with the girls. Not knowing quite what to say, he occupied himself with frequent sips from his glass.
When they had eaten, he excused himself from his female companions, saying he wanted "to look around" a bit. Both nervous and anxious he began exploring again for a bathroom. His need was now urgent. His bladder was full and sending strong complaints. He didn't know what to do - the obvious solution would be to approach a teacher, who would surely understand his problem; but in his embarrassment and shyness, he just could not broach the subject to a woman. Still, he knew he would have to do something. If only Jenny had told him where to find a bathroom - but maybe she was as embarrassed about the subject as he was! Anyway, she hadn't said anything about it.
Fifth period started with Eddie in class, without Jenny. He was nervous, fidgeting a bit, trying to pay attention despite being constantly distracted by his now-swollen and hurting bladder. His face, he felt, must be showing his distress, though he tried to mask it. The teacher appeared to pay no attention, perhaps assuming hie was just overly nervous from being in this all-female environment. He had no idea what to do, yet could not force himself to reveal his problem to anyone for help. Somehow he got through the class.
As he walked away from the classroom, down the hall, he noticed a girl who had been sitting across from him step alongside him. She wasn't as nice looking as Jenny, being a bit on the plump side, but had a friendly face. She looked directly at him, seeming reluctant to speak. Then, hesitantly, she did.
"Hi - I'm Margie. I was in fifth period with you. You looked so - well, maybe nervous or something ---" she hesitated. Then, slightly blushing, went on "Is something - - well, anything, bothering you?" She looked at him, twitching, not quite knowing what so say. He responded in a noncommittal manner, saying "Well, I .." his voice trailed off. He sensed that she had perceived his problem, yet neither of them knew quite how to express it. She resumed, clumsily, "I know something's bothering you - and I - I think I can guess what it is--" her voice had become lower, and she looked at him in a sympathetic manner. He felt a huge swell of embarrassment, mixed with a bit of hope that some help might be coming.
She went on, although he had said nothing. "I think - I really think I know what - well, I think you need to go to the bathroom. Am I right?"
He felt a flush come to his face. He couldn't think of a thing to say, but he nodded silently. She smiled gently at him, and then he said softly, "yeah- real, real, bad!"
She spoke softly, too. "I thought so - I know how it feels when you need to go and you can't get to a bathroom. I've felt that way, too. We don't have any boys' bathrooms here, 'cause all of us are girls. Didn't anyone tell you - I mean, someone must have thought of - "
He overcame his embarrassment a bit, now that she had broken the ice. "No one told me where I could go, and I - well, I just couldn't ask - I mean" he stammered a bit, then added, "I gotta go real bad - it really hurts. You've felt that way. too?" His question reflected his own ignorance of girls - he could hardly imagine a girl in his condition. Margie was sympathetic. "I sure have - but, look, I'll try to help you. I can't take you into a girls' bathroom - but--" she thought for a moment.
"Would you come with me for a minute?" Without a word, he followed her down a side corridor which led to the outside of the building. As they stepped outside, Margie surveyed the area where the building opened onto a grassy zone leading to the school's athletic field. At the moment, no one seemed to be on the field. Just to the left of them, as they exited the building, was a row of low bushes bordering the walkway to the field. She stepped between the bushes and the side of the building, a space of perhaps five feet. She motioned to him to stand beside her. The spot was hidden from inside the building, and the bushes, a bit more than waist high, shielded them from the walk. While several girls were outside some distance from them, no one was nearby.
Eddie found himself standing beside Margie, as they both looked over the bush to the area beyond. Margie opened a book and held it in front of him. She spoke to him in a low voice.
"Can you - could you - well, do it now? I'll keep a lookout - no one can see us real close, and if I hold my book it will look like we're studying something - could you - I mean, boys do it standing up, I always thought - can you - now - into the bush?" He blushed furiously, yet he knew if he was to achieve relief, he had to do it quickly, before someone came closer. But standing next to a girl? He struggled with the circumstances.
Sensing his feelings, Margie added, "I - can you? I mean, I know I'm standing next to you, but I promise I won't look - I really won't!" To himself, he thanked her for that assurance. Hurriedly, he quickly opened his pants as he drew himself close to the bush. He aimed his penis into the bush and began to urinate. True to her word, Margie kept her eyes looking ahead, and never glanced down. Furthering the camouflage, he used one hand to help hold her book as they both looked over it, while the other guided his stream into the bush.
He knew Margie could clearly hear his stream as it poured into the bush. He was afraid she might be tempted to look down, but she never did. The stream continued to pour out of him. Margie commented softly, "you must have had an awful lot in you - when did you go last?" Eddie was struck by the question - here he was talking to a girl while he was peeing, and she was asking him questions so personal - but at least she wasn't looking.
"Not since I got up this morning - about six!" Margie managed another smile, and looked at his face, not glancing downward, "No wonder you hurt- sounds like you - you know, still have a lot left - do you?" He sensed she was in someway enjoying the experience. His bladder felt better, but his stream still continued strong, and he knew she could hear it. His fear is that she would might look down and see his exposed parts. She didn't, despite the protracted time it took him to complete emptying his bladder. Finally, the stream abated. He used both hands to close his pants. He looked at her. "Thanks", he said, the only word he could use to express gratitude.
They went back to the corridor. as he was about to leave her for his next class, she asked him, "If you're going to be here two weeks, what will you do tomorrow? You don't want to wait this long again, do you?" "I don't know, yet", he replied. "Meet me here at the end of third - I'll think of something. OK?" "OK" he replied, heading off to class.
Eddie got through the rest of the day with further difficulties. After school, he returned home on the bus. He did not discuss his experience with Margie with anyone. He was far too embarrassed. But that night, he thought about it at length. How did she really feel about it? Would she tell her girl friends? Had any other girls noticed? Were they secretly laughing at him, too embarrassed to ask for a bathroom?
Tuesday morning came. He again went through the same ritual. Other boys still teased him on the bus, but girls were a bit more casual now. At school, Jenny met him, friendly but, he thought, quite official. She openly talked to him about school matters, but shared almost nothing personal. He actually was finding it a bit easier to talk to other girls, who had less official connection to him.
At the end of third period, he left Jenny's company and returned to the corridor spot where Margie had left him Monday. Would she come back? Eddie had doubts. Perhaps he could do the bush trick by himself, but alone, he would likely attract attention, and he really needed a lookout to warn him if anyone approached.
Suddenly his concerns disappeared, as Margie arrived. She smiled at him, giving no sign of her purpose in seeing him. "Ready?" she asked, in a relaxed way. He knew what she meant. "I guess so", he responded, trying to be nonchalant. He started toward the exit they had used the day before. She nudged him slightly, "No, not there. We need to go somewhere different, or someone will catch on. You feel better today?" "Yeah, it hasn't been as long. You know, it's nice of you to do this - I really don't know what to say!" She escorted him to another exit, on the side of the school. A wooded area lay in the distance, with no one in between. She commented, "I sometimes go through those woods when I go home - there's path that takes you to the bus stop for the city bus on the other side of the patch of woods - good for when you leave late and miss the school bus. But I never see anyone in there, so I don't think there'll be anyone there to see you."
She motioned for him to follow her to a large tree perhaps thirty feet from the school building. "Let's go on the other side of the tree. If you face away from the school, towards the woods, no one can see you. I'll stay on the side of the tree and watch out for you. OK?"
He positioned himself behind the tree, facing the open area and the woods beyond. She stood looking toward the school, a couple of feet from him. If she turned, she would be able to see him, but she kept looking toward the school. "Can you do it?" she asked. "Yes - you - you won't look, will you?" he asked, a bit anxiously. "No - I won't - I promised yesterday, didn't I?" He knew she had, but he was unsure whether the promise continued to today. Quickly, he opened his pants, and began to pee behind the tree.
She continued to talk to him. After a short time, he was finished. It didn't take as long as yesterday. He fastened his pants, and came alongside her. "That was quicker - and I hardly heard you do it!" He blushed a bit at the suggestion that she had heard something, and apparently had enjoyed it. They returned to the school. Without more conversation, Margie disappeared and Eddie went to his next class.
By the end of the day, Eddie was feeling the need for bathroom relief again, but it wasn't so difficult to wait until he got home. He thought quite a bit about Margie, but shared nothing of his encounters with her with anyone else.
Wednesday, he had almost the same experience with Margie. She led him to the same tree and was his lookout. By now, he no longer felt a need to find a suitable bathroom or ask about one. He was quite satisfied with what Margie was doing, which spared him from the discomfort he would otherwise experience, and allowed him to avoid discussing his bathroom needs with anyone else. He seldom saw Margie except for the one encounter they planned each day, and the one class they shared together after lunch. If he chanced to pass her at any other time, she scarcely acknowledged him.
Thursday he got off the school bus at Huntington in a drizzling rain. It continued to rain, in increasing amounts, as the day drew on. As the end of third period approached, he was feeling concern that Margie would not be able to escort him to an outside location today, and if he tried to get to the tree location he would surely get soaked.

Margie met him, cheery as always. After the intense embarrassment of their first meeting, she was becoming comfortable with him. And so, in his way, was he with her. "Hi!" she greeted him. "Hi! You know, it's going to be wet outside today, and I ..." Margie cut him off. "We won't go out today - I have another plan. You ready?" He nodded assent.
Margie led him up a flight of stairs to the top floor of the building, then to the end of a corridor, but there was no exit. The corridor simply had an empty small room on one side, where a few bits of furniture were stored. As classes were only at the other end of the floor, no one was around. "This is your bathroom today!" she announced. He looked at her, questioningly. She reached into the school bag she was carrying, and retrieved a quart jar in a brown paper bag. "I don't know how much you have in you, but I hope you don't have to let out more than this. Can you do it in here?" she asked, handing him the jar. "I'll stand at the door and yell if anyone comes. Hurry!"
He took the jar, turned his back to the door, opened his pants and began to pee into the jar. It didn't take him too long, and soon he had emptied himself. The jar was a little over half full of light yellow urine. He turned to her, the jar in his hands. He tried to hold it in both hands in a way that concealed the contents. She looked at it, "Can I see?" she asked, reaching for the jar.
To his embarrassment, she held it up, looking at it. "It's the same color as mine!" she announced, as though she had expected a boy's pee to look markedly different. "You didn't have too much in you this time! Glad you don't have to wait until it hurts?" "Yeah - sure. That first day was pretty bad. Say - what are you going to do with the jar?"
"Take it into the girls' room and empty it! Or would you rather not have your pee in a girls' bathroom?" She looked at him in a curious way. No, he was not going to object. She took the jar, restoring the lid and placing it in its brown bag, then disappeared down the hall.
When he saw Margie in fifth period, she barely showed any sign of recognition. He wondered if she had really disposed of the jar as she had said she would. But then, he reflected, she had kept her word about not looking; probably she had emptied the jar the way she had indicated.
Friday was a dry day, and Margie was able to take him to the place they had first used, behind the bush. He reflected that this was the one place where she really stood beside him, almost touching, as he relieved himself. Again, he wondered if she would look downward to see him pee, but she kept her eyes ahead. They would not have another encounter until Monday.
Monday and Tuesday, Margie took him to the room they had used for the rainy day. Each time she noted how full the jar was, and again commented on the color. He felt his modesty intruded a bit by her interest in seeing his pee, but he was so indebted to her at this point that he hesitated to complain.
Wednesday they went to the tree on the wooded side, and again on Thursday. As their Thursday encounter ended, he observed that his two weeks at the school would end on Friday. She acknowledged it, "You know, Eddie, I've really liked this. It's been pretty special. I'm glad you came here!"
"Thanks, Margie, but you've been so nice - you made it nice to be here. I'd hate to go through that first day again. I'd like to say thanks to you - I wish there was something I could do for you to show it."
Margie thought a bit. "Well there might be, if you wanted to. Tomorrow is our last day. Would you go with me after school to catch the city bus home? I'll show you the place. We could have a walk together."
"OK - you showed me the path. My folks won't mind me being a bit late -they won't be home anyway. It'll be neat!"
Margie thought a moment about her suggestion. "There's something else you could do, if you really wanted to thank me, but I think maybe you wouldn't want to!" "What?" Eddie inquired.
"Remember the first day, when you got so - so that it hurt?"
"Yeah - it did hurt!"
"Real bad?"
"Yes, real bad. You know it did!"
"Would you be willing to get that way again? I mean, if you didn't have to wait that long?"

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A Different School Part 2

"Do you want me too?" Eddie was curious.
"Well, tomorrow, let's do our thing after first period. Then you won't go again until school's over and we can leave. If you drink a lot at lunch you'll need to go real bad when we leave, when we have our walk home. There'll be a place - you won't have to wait too long. But I'd kind of like it if you would! Will you?"
"OK, if you want. Then you find a place for me to go, after we leave? It'll be the last time."
"We'll make it kind of special. I'd like that!"
Eddie's interest was indeed piqued. He wondered what Margie had in mind. Tomorrow was Friday, his last day at the school. It was also an exam day, at the end of the semester. Tonight he had to study in preparation. Still, his mind was on Margie and whatever she had planned.
Friday he arrived at Huntington for the last time. Jenny hadn't been greeting him the last few days, but today she did. She seemed especially warm, telling him she was glad he came, that being his guide wasn't just an official duty for her. He liked Jenny, but somehow it was different with Margie. Funny, though; Jenny was the prettier one, the one who was more open, more involved with everyone; but it was Margie, who wasn't nearly as pretty, and even a little on the heavier side, who really had his interest. Margie, who was quiet, and really private, but who had taken an interest in his most personal problems.
He decided that after all, Margie was a lot more like him, rather introverted, private, and, well, she really had stuck to him. And, he thought, she had kept her word. She hadn't talked to anyone, as far as he knew, about his bathroom problems; she had just continued to help. She promised she wouldn't look when he was attending to his most personal needs, though she easily could have; and this meant she respected his privacy. That meant something, he thought. He liked her.
He bade his farewell to Jenny after first period, and went to meet Margie at his accustomed place. Surprisingly, Margie didn't take him outside, despite the sunny weather, but to the upstairs empty room they had used on the rainy day. Again she produced the jar. "Probably you forgot I had it. Think you can fill it this morning?" she teased a bit. Not quite as embarrassed as earlier, he could now talk about these things more freely.
"I'll try", he answered, "but no promises." She retreated to watch the door, her back to him. He really felt little need, so early in the day, but he remembered that she wanted him full up at the end of the day. He emptied his bladder into the jar, producing about half a pint. At her request, he showed Margie the results. She laughed a little. "I'll get rid of this for you, but I know you can hold a lot more. You'll try for this afternoon, won't you? Remember!"
At lunch, Margie did the unexpected. She came by where he was eating lunch, and picked up his drink from his tray. Taking a sip, she commented softly to him, "Oh, really good! Bet you need a couple of extra glasses today!" Looking back with a mischievous expression, she went away. He took the hint and refilled his glass and again downed the contents. He wondered at her purpose.
He got through his last exam, hoping for at least a passing grade. He felt better, mentally, as he entered his last period for the day. Physically, however, he was feeling considerable distress. His bladder was full, and complaining about the extra fluid he had taken on at lunch. His distress increased during the class time, and when class was over he was in serious discomfort from an overfilled bladder.
After making his farewells to his classmates, he met Margie on the way out. She spoke to him quietly. "See the path that cuts through that patch of trees? I told you that's the way to the bus stop. I'm going to walk ahead - you wait a couple of minutes and then follow. You'll catch up to me - hardly anyone goes this way, but it'll look better if we don't leave together. I'll see you there in a few minutes. Are you feeling filled up?"
He nodded. "You won't have to wait long", she assured him.
He let her go, then a few minutes later started down the path. She was right - no one else came this way. As he walked slowly down the path, he passed close to the wooded area. Now his bladder was really aching, and he could hardly wait to relieve it. He wondered where she was. He reached a point around a small bend, out of sight of the school. No one seemed in sight. Suddenly he heard a voice calling softly from the forested area to his left. "Eddie! I 'm here!"
He turned, seeing Margie standing under a tree just a bit from the path He turned to her. She extended her hand. He took it, and she led him a few yards from the path. "Here we are - I don't think anyone will see us here. How are you feeling?"
"It's getting bad. I really have to go!"
"Bad as the first time?"
"Maybe not quite - but bad enough! Is this where you wanted me to go?"
"Yes - it's a good place. Are you ready?"
He nodded, but sensed that this time something would be different. She still held his hand. "Eddie, all those times I helped you pee, nobody saw you, right?" "Right", he answered, "I don't think anyone saw me!" "Not even me? Remember, I promised I wouldn't look!"
"I never saw you look - you said you wouldn't!"
"And I didn't -not even once. Do you think I would have liked to?"
Eddie pondered her question. "I don't know - maybe you would have liked to; but you didn't. Would you have liked to?"
Now it was her turn to answer. She nodded, in silence, smiling.
"Eddie, all those times in school, I kept my word and didn't look. I know you need to pee pretty bad right now; but I want you to do it a little differently. This one time - would you pee in front of me - I mean let me watch? I'd really like you to!"
Eddie blushed again. After the attachment they had developed, he didn't see how he could refuse her. At the same time, he wasn't ready to give up his modesty in front of her; and he wasn't sure he would be able to pee with a girl standing in front of him, watching. "I don't know if I can", he said. "You can try", she answered.
"You won't laugh, or think I'm funny, or anything like that?" "No", she reassured him, "and I've never watched a boy pee, at least up close, and I won't think you're funny. I promise I won't tell anyone, but I really would like to see - it's just between us. I'll be fair to you, too. Will you?"
"What do you mean about being fair?"
She hesitated, then responded, "if you'll do it I'll tell you later. But, you said you wanted to thank me. This is how you can do it!"
He looked around, cautiously, assuring himself that no one else was in view. He looked her in the eye, nervous, almost trembling. Carefully he reached down and unzipped his pants. She stepped back just a few inches, facing him, her eyes following every move. They focused on his crotch, as he reached inside and carefully, hesitatingly, withdrew his penis, now fast becoming erect and stiff. She stared in fascination.
He hadn't wanted an erection, but it was happening. His penis stood out firm, pointing slightly upward. He realized he could not possibly pee downward, and his stream, if he could get it started, would shoot out upward and probably for an impressive distance. This was not what he wanted her to see - it didn't seem to him natural. Yet his badly stretched bladder was crying for relief, and with this girl standing and watching the erection wasn't going to go away. He looked down at his organ, murmuring an embarrassed "I can't help it - it's not usually like this - it - it's because you're looking at it.." He was holding it with his hand.
She stood, smiling, utterly fascinated, her eyes fixed on his engorged, stiffly erect penis. "It's so big - is it because of me?" "I think so", he replied, not really sure what he could do.
"Do you have to hold it?" she asked. "No", he replied, taking his hand off his organ, which continued to point a bit upward, now supporting itself. While he was trying to pee, none had as yet emerged.
"Would you - will you - let me touch it?" Margie asked gingerly. "OK, if you want, but I'm trying to pee - it may come out!" he was enormously embarrassed by the performance of his body. He didn't know what to expect.
She extended her hand, and slightly from one side placed her fingers very, very gently on the top of his penis. Gingerly she took it between her fingers. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" she asked.
The sensation was delicious to him - something he had never felt before. Far from relaxing, his penis was growing stiffer. She squeezed it very, very, gently, then withdrew her hand.
As she dropped her hand, a drop of pee appeared at the tip. A small stream developed, and then grew larger. She watched, almost awe-struck, as the stream projected out in an arc extending perhaps three feet in front of him. The stream became stronger. Eddie, who was accustomed to holding his penis when he urinated, now was allowing it to take its own position, and it remained pointing out and up.
Once again Margie reached out and very gently took his penis in her hand, moving it just a bit and causing the direction of the stream to change. After a few seconds she again let go and just stood, watching. The stream continued forcefully for what seemed a long time, and then began to gradually subside. Both of them watched it as the stream slowly stopped. His erection dropped a bit. He reached down to again tuck his penis inside his pants, looking at her as if to ask if she was ready for the show to end.
"Thanks. That was neat - thanks for doing it. And thanks for letting me touch it. I never did that before."
He rezipped his pants, and looked at her, not knowing quite what to say or what to do next.
She took him by the hand, held it for a few seconds, then hesitating began, "I told you I wanted to be fair to you. Remember when I took you to pee this morning, after first?" He nodded. "I wanted you to be able to do a really good pee this afternoon, because I was hoping you'd let me watch. And it worked, didn't it?" She waited for his agreement.
"I haven't peed since right after you did, this morning - and I drank a lot for lunch, too - like you did. Can you guess why?"
"You need to - well, you need to go, too?" he asked, with a bit of wonder. "I need to go almost as badly as you did - because I wanted to, well, be fair. I mean, I thought that if I wanted to watch you pee, well, it wouldn't really be fair unless I let you - unless I was willing to, that is, let you watch me pee. That is, I thought you might want to see a girl pee, and if you did, the only fair thing would be to let you!" She stopped her embarrassed and confused statement, waiting for his reaction.
"You want to know if I want to see you pee?" he exclaimed. His excitement was obvious.
"I really need to pee awful bad, and if you want to watch I'll let you!" she replied hastily.
"Sure" was his response. Not wordy, but to the point. She seized his hand and squeezed it. Then she bent over a bit, reaching with both hands under her school uniform skirt. She pulled down her white underpants, then stood up and stepped out of them. She placed them in one hand.
"You have to take off your underwear?" he asked, curious. She explained quickly, "I don't have to take them off, but you'll be able to see better if I do. You let me see you and didn't hide anything, I don't want you to think I'm hiding anything from you. Ready to watch?"
He was watching, closely, with rapt attention. She reached down, and picked up her skirt, hoisting it quickly up to her waist. With her underwear off and facing him, the raising of her skirt exposed her lower body to him completely. He stared at her pubic region, soaking up his first real view of female genitals. She stood for just a moment, fully exposed.
Remembering her earlier request, he asked quickly, "Can I - will you let me touch it? Just a little?" She nodded, adding "just be gentle-" His extended hand quickly reached for her vulva, covered with black pubic hair. Gently, he traced the lips of her genitals with his finger. He wasn't really sure what else to touch - there didn't seem to be anything to grasp. Her parts felt moist and warm. He withdrew his hand.
She squatted, but only slightly, and spread her legs. Holding her skirt high with both hands, she closed her eyes, as if in concentration. Suddenly a stream began to pour forth from her genitals. He watched fixedly as it became larger and stronger. As it reached full force, she opened her eyes and looked into his. "Like it?" she asked. "Yeah - great!" he answered.
"I can't shoot it out as far as you can", she commented, "but I think maybe I can hold as much as you can. Maybe some day we can have a contest!" He smiled at her, a bit amazed that she was making such conversation while in the midst of her urination.
Her stream continued as he watched. "I've got lots more", she commented further, "but I'm feeling better!" She wiggled a bit to make the stream change direction.
Gradually her bladder emptied and her stream diminished. Then it stopped. She stood up. Still holding her skirt up, she announced "usually now I wipe, but I don't have anything so we'll just let it go this time. Through looking?" He was still gaping at her genital region.
"Hold it a minute, please," he asked her. "Can I touch it once more?" "OK - go ahead, but it's probably wet", she answered. Gingerly, he reached out and stroked her genitals. "Thanks", he said, as he withdrew his hand. Slowly she let the skirt drop.
Silently, they looked at each other for a moment, then she bent over to step into her panties. She pulled them up, all the while looking at him with a smile. "That was nice - I liked it. Did you?" she commented, easily.
"Yeah, it was nice. Guess we won't be seeing each other for a while, huh?" She thought for a moment, as they started to go back to the path. "Guess not - but maybe, if you want, we could meet after school some time...." she stopped, hesitating.
"Something the matter?" he inquired.
"Just - just one thing. Would you mind - I mean, say if you would, but - well, I'd like it if you would let me, well, look just once more. Would you?"
"Look? At me?" he stopped and turned, facing her. She replied. more clearly now, "Yes, well, when you - when you peed before, I liked it; but, really, I was so full of pee myself that I was a little hurry - I mean, could I see you - you know, down there, again? If you would let me, maybe, look at you close? I'd really like to!"
He flushed slightly, then answered. "Sure -OK!" he reached down, unzipping his pants as she looked on. He felt his erection returning rapidly, as he pulled his underwear aside, allowing his penis to project stiffly. She watched, seemingly fascinated. She stooped down, her eyes on his erect organ. Without speaking, she glanced upward for his approval as her hand reached out gently, as she had before. His silence showed obvious consent.
She examined him closely, feeling the stiffness, gently moving it around, slightly squeezing in different spots. She seemed reluctant to stop the examination, looking and touching with interest for a time. Finally, she stood up, nodded, and said, "thanks - I liked that. I never saw a boy that close before today. Thanks for letting me look. And, I promise I won't tell anyone what we did - you won't either, OK?"
"OK", he answered. Then, as he zipped his pants again, she spoke again, rather softly, "Say, I really do want to be fair. If you wanted to see anything on me, I'd let you - I mean, I know you watched me pee.. I hope you got to see something you wanted to, cause that's how I felt."
Suddenly he was emboldened by her remarks. "I did like watching you pee, and touching you - your - your places. I never saw a girl, I mean, that part of a girl- well, you know. It was nice. But, well, you've got another place - would you let me see you - well," he stammered a bit, flustered as he toyed with how to express his request. "Girls have parts under their shirts, and.." he stopped, not quite knowing how to finish.
She broke into a smile, stood as erect as she could, and backed away just a little. "You'd like to see me under my shirt?" she asked. He could only nod.
"OK", she answered. "But you've got to stand over there, so my back will be to the path- in case anyone comes, I don't want anyone to see but you." He moved to the indicated spot. She started to unbutton her blouse, after carefully glancing behind her. "Will you hold my shirt for me?" she asked. He nodded, really too flustered to speak. She slipped off her blouse, facing him and revealing the white bra she was wearing. She handed him the blouse, then reached behind her back to unfasten the bra, quickly allowing the straps to fall and slipping her arms through them. She held the unfastened bra to her chest with both hands. "Will you hold this for me? Then you can look at me if you want!"
He nodded again, reaching out a hand to receive the bra. She handed it over, then dropped her hands to her sides, exposing her uncovered breasts. He stared openly. She made no move, just standing with her hands at her sides, and let him stare.
"Could I touch - just a little?" he asked weakly. "Yeah - you can feel them if you want, but just use one hand - don't drop my stuff you're holding!" He clutched her blouse and bra in his left hand, gingerly reaching out with his right to touch her breast. Gently, her ran his fingers around each breast, pressing just slightly. To his amazement, her saw her nipples stiffen. "Gee - I didn't know girls had things that did that!" She blushed a bit, and answered, "just like your - thing - does. It's because you're looking and touching!"
On an impulse, he gently grasped an erect nipple between his finger and thumb. "Feels nice," she answered, "but don't squeeze too hard." He tried the other nipple. Seeing both of them erect, he dropped his hands and stepped back a bit, his admiring gaze fixed on her breasts. She let him look for a minute, then asked, "seen enough? I want to be fair - you let me look at you. "
He knew he could have kept it up, but he conscious of the time. He nodded approval, then held out her bra and blouse to her. Smiling, still facing him, she put on the bra, then the blouse, tucking it into her skirt. "Thanks" he said. "I'm glad you liked it - I liked seeing you", she answered. They both turned and walked toward the path. Almost in silence, they walked side by side down the path toward the bus stop.
As they approached the bus stop, where several others waited, he quietly addressed her, not sure how to say good-by. "Thanks for all the things you did - we'll get together again, won't we?"
"Sure", Margie replied. "We will". Her bus drew in sight.

-the end-