Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wet and Wild Afternoon - Watersports Story

On hot summer afternoons, I love to take off all my clothes and swim in my pool. My yard is fairly private, so I give no thought to what I do while I swim and enjoy myself. I like to take my chair raft with the cup holders and float around and feel the sun on my skin. I had a few beers and water to drink to help cool my hot body down from the sun. The cool water felt so good on my skin and I couldn't help but put a few drops every so often on my nipples to make them stiffen. Once they are stiff, I love to roll then between my fingers and lift my tit up to my mouth so I can suck on my own nips. I was becoming so aroused and I inched my fingers down my belly and found my clit hard and ready to be touched. As I rubbed my clit, I could feel my pussy juice flowing down the crack of my ass. I dipped a finger in my pussy then two and soon I had four fingers up my cunt, and frigging the shit out of my clit with the other hand. I was so lost in my own pleasure that my bladder let loose and my golden piss started flowing everywhere. I moaned as I felt it spraying from my pussy and I pulled my clit up so that my piss would flow in an arc. I was moaning and screaming wildly, never thinking that anyone else could hear my cries. Orgasm after orgasm spasmed through my body and I heard a voice from behind me.

My neighbor from next door was watching me out her window........and said she had seen me do this before. She had already stripped down to her thong and began to slide those off her hips. Her body amazed me. At 31 years old...she was a bit heavy, large tits and the hairiest pussy I had ever seen. She climbed into the in- ground pool with me, an I realized my fingers were still inside my pussy. She took my hand, slid it out of my cunt and began to lick and suck my piss and cum soaked fingers clean. Then kissed me deeply and I could taste my own piss and juices on her tongue. I slid off my raft and we embraced in the pool. She pulled me up and put my legs around her waist, kissing me the whole time. She told me that watching me finger fuck myself and piss made her so hot that she couldn't resist coming over to taste it herself.

She put me on the edge of the pool and situated my legs on either side of me so that my pussy was spread as wide as it could be. With her tongue, she licked around my clean shaven pussy and found my rock hard clit. She licked gently at first until I started squirming and begging for more pressure. She licked harder and sucked my clit like it was a little cock and I could feel myself starting to cum, but a little piss slipped out and I told her so. She told me to let loose a little at a time so that she could taste every drop off my sweet pee. I let a bit of piss out and she lapped every drop, I let more out and she sucked it up, until I couldn't stand it anymore. I let my bladder loose and my piss was streaming like a river. Her mouth was wide open drinking every last bit of my love juice, it flowed in her mouth and over her face into the pool. She was moving her head so that she wouldn't miss any.
I must have peed for a minute, it was pure pleasure to have her face in my cunt drinking my piss and sucking my clit. Before I knew it, She was finger fucking me with four fingers and slid her whole hand up inside me. I could feel her fist twisting around inside me and when I looked, I saw that some of her forearm was also in me. She was fucking me good and hard with her arm. I rode it until I squirted my cum all over her arm, I was screaming so loud I am surprised that none of the other neighbors heard. Once I had cum, she climbed out of the pool, lied me down and put her hairy pussy right on my face. I licked and sucked and asked her to piss on my face, which she did without any hesitation. I drank her piss like there was no tommorw. I loved every drop and didn't want it to stop. The smell of her pussy and piss was enough to make me cum again without her even touching me. That was our first adventure together and there have been many more since.

-the end-