Thursday, January 28, 2010

Self-Peeing - She Pees on Herself

These pics are just soooo naughty. Golden showers are such a thrill. Feeling that hot fluid spraying on you. The feeling is even more naughty when you're peeing on yourself. You can see more of these types of photos at

Self-peeing is a lot more common than you think. Over 50% of people polled admitted to peeing in the shower or bath. Of that 50%, 25% admitted to playing with the stream.

In Brazil, people are encouraged to GO GREEN by peeing in the shower. Check out this youtube video of a Brazilian TV commercial promoting peeing in the shower.
  I encourage everyone to start peeing in the shower and avoid unnecessary toilet flushing. Saving water saves money and the planet. One little step at a time.

Into peeing and watersports? Check out some of the ladies below....