Monday, November 7, 2011

The WS Files

Background: I thought it would be nice to write some WS stories using characters that are familiar to a lot of people - that way I wouldn't have to spend any time developing characters - I could just dive straight in to the "interesting part!"

With that in mind here is the first in what might be a series of.....

T H E W S - F I L E S !

(Any X-Philes reading this - hey its just a bit of fun OK?)

Scully stepped out of her FBI issue car. It was a cool night in the forest. She walked down the side of the road for about 50 yards. It was completely deserted. She could see very little apart from what was immediately in front of her car where the headlights picked out the potholed road winding off into the distance.

"Better go back and turn off the lights or the battery'll be dead when I get back," she thought to herself.

She went back to the car, reached in and retrieved her torch, turning off the headlights as she did. Boy it was spooky alone in the dark, "Mulder would be right at home here," she thought, suppressing an urge to giggle.

She switched on her powerful torch and the forest seemed a little less oppressive. She walked back down the road to where she had been standing before. Here at the edge of the road she could see a worn down trail leading directly into the mass of trees and foliage. "Doesn't look too bad," she whispered, feeling the giggle rising up again and only just stopping it.

She started off along the trail and away from the relative safety of the road and her car. As she followed the trail she thought of how she came to be here.

It had started routinely enough. There had been reports of sightings of an "alien craft" from people in a remote village about 2 miles from where she was now. At first the reports had been treated with scepticism but then some of the villagers had disappeared. She and Mulder had planned to come out here together, but then he had caught the 'flu bug that had been going around the FBI offices and she had convinced him to go home to bed.

Now she was thinking maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to come out here alone. Oh, she didn't believe the alien stories - there was bound to be a more earthly explanation for what was going on - but still, it could be dangerous.

She continued to follow the trail, cursing as for the hundredth time she snagged her skirt on a branch. She was regretting dressing in her usual FBI "power suit". She was also regretting that extra coffee she had drunk when she had stopped at a truck-stop half-an-hour before. She had been in danger of falling asleep at the wheel if she didn't take a break from driving, and after she stopped she had found she was both ravenous and thirsty. So she had ended up ordering a huge greasy meal washed down with plenty of coffee. Not her usual weight-conscious style but sometimes there's no alternative. Now it seemed that the pressure that was building in her bladder was chiding her for being here, making her nerves more on edge than ever.

A sudden noise off to Scully's left made her stop short. Hardly daring to breathe, she stood perfectly still, listening carefully. It was deathly quiet, there was not even a breeze to stir the trees. After a few moments of listening she decided that it must have just been her imagination, coupled with her nervousness and the increasing need to relieve herself that had made her think she heard a breaking branch.

She continued on down the path between the trees. After about five minutes she realised it was starting to get easier to see. Before she had only been able to see a short distance in front of her where her torch beam had struggled to cut through the blackness in the forest. Now it seemed she could make out more of the green colour of the leaves and bushes around her. But it wasn't a comforting sight, the light that was making the forest more visible was an eerie throbbing green glow. That wasn't the only thing that was starting to throb. Scully thought about just moving to the edge of the path and squatting down to pee but her nerves had a tight grip on all her muscles now and she thought she probably wouldn't be able to release them here.

Her mind had been drifting and she hadn't noticed the cloaked figure step up behind her. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light that hit Scully square in the back and she fell to the ground in a heap.

She awoke an unknown amount of time later. She was lying on a comfortable arrangement of soft cushions. She shifted around snugly and risked opening her eyes. What she saw immediately put her back on edge again. She sat up with a start and regretted it straight away as her bladder complained loudly to her.

She was in a brightly lit oval shaped room about 20 feet across. She was sitting at one end of the room. The only other features in the room were the group of aliens sitting on similar cushions opposite her! They were just your typical aliens, she thought, looking just like all the artist impressions of them, with egg-shaped bald heads and thin, wiry limbs. There were four of them sitting impassively staring at her with large, dark eyes. Scully stared back.

After about a minute of the two races staring at each other in silence, Scully thought, "Well, this isn't getting us anywhere," so she spoke.


The four aliens got up fast from their side of the room and approached Scully without fear. Scully went into red alert. She automatically reached for her side-arm but it wasn't there! She cowered back as the aliens reached out with their bony fingers and started to poke and prod her. Scully was terrified. She sat stock still while she was "examined" by the curious aliens. They felt inside her mouth and ears, squeezed her arms and legs, and one alien pushed against her abdomen. "Oh!" cried Scully, pushing her thighs together to stop the sudden desperate complaint from her bladder.

Thankfully for Scully, the aliens moved away, seemingly satisfied with their examination. Scully, however, was far from happy. The need to lighten the pressure in her bladder was growing unbearable. She would have to do something soon or she would be sitting in a puddle. In her state she wondered wildly what the aliens would make of that!

The aliens sat back down on their cushions. Scully sat with her right leg over her left, squeezing her thighs tightly together. She put her hands down between her legs and pushed her skirt into her crotch as hard as she could bare it. She was so wrapped up in her own discomfort that she hadn't noticed the aliens communicating with each other. They were making strange guttural sounds in their throats and alternately looking between themselves and at Scully.

"Do you notice the strange way she behaves?" said the alien leader to his second-in-command.

"Yes, totally unlike the others we have observed. She shows no sign of the 'passing-out' or 'hysteria' symptoms we have seen before."

"Do you think our examination has damaged her in some way?" asked the third alien, "she seems to be most uncomfortable!"

"See the way she repeatedly moves about and puts her upper limbs between the tops of her lower ones. What do you make of this behaviour Snxxxch?" (Names don't translate well from alien-speak!)

Snxxxch, who was the leader of the medical team and highly respected racked his "upper-thought lobe" for an explanation that didn't sound ridiculous. The last thing he wanted was to show himself up in front of the esteemed leader Qunnchic.

"I think," said Snxxxch, putting on his best medical sounding guttural growl, "that this behaviour is supposed to be a show of her superiority over us. I therefore suggest that she be taken to 'the termination-room' now!"

The leader of the aliens was having none of that. He was getting a strange feeling watching this young female earthling and her curious manner. First, she would sit up straight with her legs crossed. Then she would move so that she was on one side, then back to the other side. All the time, her legs would be moving together up and down as if she were trying to copy the small green earth creature they had studied that makes a noise by rubbing its limbs together.

Scully, meanwhile, was reaching capacity. She thought about releasing a small amount of pee into her panties to stop the terrible pressure that was only being held back by her holding herself and fidgeting, and sheer will-power. But she just couldn't do it, she was sure that if she started she wouldn't be able to stop.

Scully decided that she would have to do something - it was either that or flood her panties and skirt - and by the amount of fluid she was holding onto, probably drown these poor aliens as well! She stood up, clenching her muscles and holding on tightly with both hands and pleaded, "I don't know if you can understand, but I have to GO NOW!"

Just at that moment a door opened in the wall where there was no door before and in walked Mulder!

"Mulder!" (see - told you!) cried Scully. "Am I glad to see you!"

"Come on, we're leaving," said Mulder, thinking Scully sounded more enthusiastic than usual at seeing him.

With that, Mulder grabbed Scully by the arm and led her through the door he had came in. They went down a short corridor and through another door out into the open.

The first thing Scully noticed was that it was daylight. The second thing she noticed was that all this pulling about from Mulder had stretched her bladder to breaking point. In fact, a small amount of pee had already leaked out.

"Mulder I -."

"I don't know Scully. I rescue you from certain death and you don't even thank

"Mulder. Please I have ooohhh -." Scully bent over as another squirt of pee escaped from her vastly overstretched bladder.

"Come on Scully, we can't hang around. You're lucky I can speak 'Alien-French'. I managed to negotiate your release but I can't guarantee our safety - we have to get away!"

"Mulder can we just stop for -."

"We're not safe here. Boy Scully, I can't believe you fell for the 'ray gun in the back' trick."

"Ouch. Ouch!" Another burst of pee, followed quickly by another. Mulder had dragged her back to the road where her car had now been joined by his.

"The oldest trick in the book. Jeez," said Mulder sarcastically, but also with some humour.

Now Mulder stopped and looked at Scully for what seemed like the first time since the whole crazy episode had begun. She was standing slightly bent forward, with her skirt pushed up and her hands wedged tightly into her crotch. At that moment, a small trickle ran between her hands and dripped down leaving a few wet spots on the road. Scully had squirted into her panties for what seemed to her like the tenth time. She could feel her soaked panties under her hands and her screaming bladder seeming to be even worse now that she had let a small amount out. Her desperation was total.


"Must pee. Must pee."

Mulder looked blankly at Scully.

"What the hell," Scully thought, "my panties are soaked already." She sat down on her haunches and, with just the quickest check to make sure her skirt was up and out of the way, she let go.

"Aaaahhhh!" Scully audibly sighed as the pressure was finally released.

Mulder stood and stared as Scully peed through her panties onto the road. He seemed to study carefully the rapidly increasing puddle of her pee that quickly turned into a small stream that ran down the camber of the road and into the grass verge.

"Hhmmmm!" Scully continued to thoroughly soak her underwear as a torrent of liquid continued to pour from her. She was not aware of Mulder staring, only of the immense relief she had never experienced before.

After what seemed like a minute, she finally finished. For the second time she thought "what the hell" and removed her thoroughly wet panties and wrung them

Mulder, meanwhile, had one thought going round and round in his head as he watched this amazing display from Scully - "Aliens I can understand, but women? Never!".

-the end-