Friday, November 18, 2011

My Wife, My Slave

Introduction: Wife gives all my stuff away

Day 1

This one Saturday morning I wake up feel a warm sensation wrapped around my hardening penis I look down and see my lovely wife Mandy with her head between my legs just sucking the blood into my growing member. She looks up at me smiles and gives me a seductive wink; I smile back knowing there is no better way to wake up than this. As soon my dick gets fully hard I feel her squeeze my balls and I send the biggest load into her waiting mouth taking all I have to offer and licking every last drop. I pat her on the head stroking her long blonde hair and give her the biggest smile. She slides up next to me and says do you remember were going to clean out the basement today. I laughed now knowing why my morning started off so good, cause the rest of my day was going to suck big time. And after a wonderful blow job like that how could I say no.

Well the cleaning went about like you would expect it took the whole weekend and everything I wanted to keep Mandy wanted me to throw away, but in the end we came to a compromise. I made two piles the big one went and the little one stayed, Mandy said it was all junk and should go but she let me keep some stuff bless her heart.

Monday morning roles around and its time for the work week to begin and I feel just exhausted but no worries in three days I am on vacation for the next two weeks and I will recharge then. Mandy on the other hand has her week lined up as well more cleaning and then on Wed. good will comes and picks up all the junk we don’t want and gives it someone else.

Wednesday after work roles around no more work for two weeks thank god, I get home and Mandy seems hurried, suggests I go shower and change close to go out for dinner. Being the good husband I am I do as I’m told and get ready. We have a great dinner I have a few healthy drinks and we go home and fuck like animals, Mandy sucks and licks my balls biting them making me cum all over her face and tits I passed out almost immediately.

Morning rolls around and breakfast is being made and smells so good I am instantly in a good mood, that’s when Mandy tells me that she gave away all the things I had in my piles. Everything I say what is wrong with you how could you do that to me I ask? Well she had no answer but I knew what it was she wanted the shit gone and that was that. Boy was I pissed, I got dressed and left steaming mad know all I would do is fight with her if I stayed.

Not knowing what to do I drove around for awhile till I drove past a place with adult entertainment feeling betrayed like I was I decided to too go check the place out. I walked into the place its dark, music playing, has that smell to it, half naked women walking around and I was the only man in the place I was hooked right away. I sit down there is a lovely brunette that walks up to me and ask me if I want a drink sure I say she gets it and sits down with me. I’m sitting there looking around all these women strutting around just gorgeous looking, I felt like a king. I stay there for awhile the girls rub on me and I pay for a few lap dances get a few for free, I play with their titties and squeeze their asses, feeling very horney and not so mad anymore I head toward home. On the way I think about how I felt with all those woman around me like that waiting on me hand and foot trying to please my every thought, I decided that my wife to make up to me for what she did would be my sex slave the entire time I am on vacation.

When I got home Mandy was there, she had been crying and told me how sorry she was for doing that to me, I remained calm and told her I would forgive her and never bring it up again if she would be my sex slave for my entire vacation doing what ever I told her to do no questions asked. Hesitantly she agreed to my proposal reassuring that when my vacation was over so was her slave hood. I gave her my promise and stated there would be no more talk her giving my things away.

Feeling there was no time like the present and incredibly horney from the strip club I told her to get on her knees, I then pulled my pants down and out popped my rock hard dick. I told her to put it in her mouth, she did then as soon as she was sucking and stroking me I held the back of her head into my crotch and started to piss into her mouth. I had never done anything like that before I felt so powerful making her take my piss like that, she tried to get away but I wouldn’t let her, she gagged as my piss ran down her chin and onto my balls, then I grabbed her head and started to face fuck her thrusting my dick down the back of her throat pushing it deeper in her face. Just as I was about to cum I buried my cock in her throat and dropped a huge load right down into her belly with her never tasting a drop. When it was over I felt this power and control I have never had over her, I told her to get out of here and get cleaned up cause were going out tonight and I want her all clean and sexy looking for me. She got up walked out of the kitchen and in awhile I heard the shower going. Feeling like the king of a new kingdom I made myself a drink and relaxed on the couch for a few.

After some time I hear the shower shut off so I proceed to check out my new servant, as she is getting out of the shower drying off I notice that she has shaved her pussy for me. She has always kept it nice and neat but never wanted to shave it clean but now I see that it is. Nice I tell her I like to that, anything for my master she tells me wow she is really playing along well that face fucking must have showed her I really wanted this to happen, and she was beginning to want to play along.

Always in the mood to eat her pussy and having it clean and freshly shaven I relished the idea of getting my face planted in my fuck toy I licked her sucked on her clit and darted my tongue in and out of her. She has always had the greatest tasting pussy always so juicy and hot. She was really getting into it when I drove my finger deep inside her snatch and she cut loose with a huge orgasm that squirted all over my face. She has always been a big squirter but its still awesome knowing I can do that to her. After she settles down I make her lick all her juices off my face tasting all her fine honey glaze she put on my face. Now mind you my wife has never been a prude in bed she has always been a lot of fun but there were always some things she didn’t like to do and now was my chance to make her do them and what ever else I said.

Mandy is a gorgeous woman 5’ 5” 125lbs long blonde hair 36 c and legs clear up to her nice round ass. It was that ass that attracted me to her in the first place it really is something to look at, I catch guys checking her out all the time and she does like to dress up to show it off and I like to have her show it off. So when I told her to dress nice and slutty my favorite panties on she knew just what I meant. After doing her hair and make up to look like a thousand dollar whore she put on a short black mini skirt with a low cut red silk shirt with belts and jewelry that matched her outfit perfectly. After I got ready as we were ready to leave I told her to bring her toy along with her cause she was going to need it as she grabbed it out of the drawer I seen a smile on her face as she wondered what was going to happen next.

When we got into the car I said to her I want you to play with yourself as we drive around, so as we drove she sat there and ran her vibrator over her already swollen juicy pussy. I think she might have came even before we left the driveway so she was really into it as we pulled up to a stop light with some young kids in the car next to us, they were checking out this hot looking blonde acting all crazy in the car next to them. Knowing they were watching her I rolled her window down just as she let out a huge moan as she was cumming with a powerful orgasm those boys didn’t know what to do, as the light changed to green I sped off and they were still there wondering what just happened. I made Mandy play with that thing the whole way to the restaurant and at the next light as we pulled up to another car a husband and wife were in it and you could tell her knew what was up, he stared at Mandy the whole time smiled and waved to me as we pulled off. I don’t think his wife was too happy about what he saw.

Now Mandy is a squirter like I said so her panties were soaked clear down to the seat and the whole car smelled of her sex. When we pulled up to the restaurant and the valet opened up the door to help her out he got a good whiff of her musk and a wet panty shot, he couldn’t take his eyes off her as she got out and put her vibrator into her purse. He came over to my side I slipped him a twenty and he shot me a grin like I had never seen before.

Every eye was on Mandy as we made our way up to the bar for a few drinks I just checked out the scene feeling mighty fine about what was happening, after we ordered some drinks Mandy went to use the lady’s room I watched as she wiggled her ass back and forth with every guy watching, I was getting rock hard just seeing how every guy looked at her. When she got back to the table I watched one dude just check her out constantly, so I told her to take her panties off and go give them to him when his wife got up. Mandy wiggled out of her panties right at the table the got up when the dudes wife left the table she walked over to him put her panties up to his nose and she put his hand onto her freshly shaven pussy, he flashed her a smile and gave me a congratulatory wave. She let him keep the panties and came back to our table and got out her toy and blasted out an orgasm in 10 seconds the whole time that man watched her.

I was so rock hard that we didn’t even stay for dinner I hurried and got Mandy home pulled the car in the garage closed the door put the tailgate down on the truck and fucked my little sex slave right there blowing my load into to dripping wet pussy in no time. I then got down and licked all the cum from her pussy both mine and hers, just then Mandy started to piss all over my face her piss running down my face and chin, I was so turned on I can’t remember the last time I felt like I this.

My wife is my sex slave and I believe she is really liking this, for now and the next two weeks my wife Mandy is going to get her pussy plowed, her ass plunged and every hole on her filled with my cum and maybe more.

-the end-

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