Monday, November 14, 2011

The Danger Unknown

Cold wet and naked I found myself. I was buried in mud to my neck and was held by shackles at my ankles. My arms were tied behind me and standing up on the muddy basin kept me alive. If I relaxed I would drowned in the pit I found myself. “If only things had been different the week before,” I thought to myself trying not to collapse. Here I was alone in a cavern dungeon, a sort of natural prison, now captive. How did I get here you ask? Well Last Monday was my first day without school since I was in kindergarten. Twelve years of public school and four of college and I was finally released from the bondage of education. I decided to go off with a couple of my college friends and enjoy a week in the sun and on the beach. One problem was I never made it there.

I packed my clothes into my convertible and left for my eighteen-hour drive to the sunny shores of the citrus state. Some how my friends and I got separated in the fog halfway there. So I pulled off to get a map. It was late evening and the wet streets and dense fog made it hard to see where I was. The gas station I stopped at was old; ancient maybe prehistoric but as the sign said, “Last Chance for 40 Miles” it was just that. I filled the tank and went inside to buy a map; of course they didn’t have those things. They didn’t have any call for them and as the old man behind the counter told me, “We generally know where we are headed youngster.” I pretty much knew I was in trouble. I asked him where the interstate was and he pointed out the door. I asked him if knew where I was, and he said, “My store.” So I paid for the gas and left knowing he had no compassion for a young lost man.

I got into my car and headed back up the road the way I came, so I thought. The fog was much thicker and I missed the turn, I saw it only after I was beside the last sign showing the opposite direction. I started to turn around when I a cold eerie creepy feeling came over me, just as I saw a black pick up stopped dead in the road. I braked almost throwing out the open roof and as I did, a man some 6’8” and built like a wrestler came walking around towards me from the front of the truck. I was stunned by the whiplash effect and what he said, “Hey kid, can I jump you off?”

“What?” I yelped back.

“Kid my battery died, can you help get my truck started. I got cables, wheel your car around front and give me a boost,” he said in a deep voice as he brushed he motley black greasy hair back. His coveralls were filthy and torn in places and when he turned the back was almost of them and I could see his butt. He moved to the front of the truck as I backed up and swung around to put my battery nearer his. He motioned for me to pop my hood and I did then he connected the cables. He told me to rev my engine and hold it up until he cranked his truck. So I did as he said and when his started and began to idle I released my gas. He came over disconnected the cables then said, “If you want to save about three hours don’t go interstate they closed it due to the fog. Drive back down that way and when you come to a stop sign turn left. Follow that road until you come to a fork and go left. It will lead you to where you want to go.”

I thanked him and as I backed up and drove off he sort of followed along for a second. No sooner had I pulled away then it seemed as if he vanished into the fog. I drove down the road past the store where I had stopped before. I went another two miles before I came to a stop sign that was hot shot full of holes. I turned left and as I did an eerie thought came to me, “What if he were playing a dirty joke on me?”

I dismissed it but I sure wished differently after twenty more miles of curves and gravel roads. Finally I came to a fork and behold a road sign that read, “State Line 45 miles” and turned left like he said. The road was just as bad as the others were and as I went further down, the fog grew even heavier. I had to slow to less than twenty miles and hour and after a while the eerie calm and lack of anything else around I started feeling horny. I had gone about three miles when I felt the urge to strip the first time. I suppressed it for another two miles before I found my shirt flopping into the back seat. Then when I came to a spooky narrow lane that was partially fog bound but opened in the middle to reveal a dense wooded area, I stopped my car. Looked around and then rose up and stood on the seat as I unbuttoned and dropped my pants. I pushed my briefs off after that and then came out of my sneakers a second later. Then I sat back down and slowly let the car glide down the road while I played around with myself. The roadway was straight at this point and as my headlights went to bright I could see almost half a mile as the trees protected me from the fog. I saw a small pull off that looked like a path. I pulled up into it and began to get another primal urge to finish playing with myself before I drove further. As I touched my cock and balls I felt a cool breeze cover me. The temperature of it made me shiver and as I did I felt my nipples pop out and I began to fondle them as well. Slowly I let my foot off the brake before I placed the car in park, which sent it rolling forward, as I slammed my foot to the brake, it went to the floor and the car kept moving forward. It rolled a good twenty feet down the path before I saw the deep bank it was heading downs toward. I stood on the brakes but it was no use and I rolled all the way down a thirty-foot bank stopping only after smashing my car to pieces and tossing me into the back seat with a thump. I struggled from the car and tried to see where I was but after leaving the security of the trees I had become fog bound again. I found my short pants torn and tattered at the straddle by the seat belt latch in the back, and I looked for the rest but they were not to be found. The trunk was mashed in and all my other clothes trapped inside it. So I began to scour the area for my shoes and shirt. The shorts were no more than a skirt with a hole in back where the wet fog could easily touch my ass. As I looked about I found my shoes, well parts of them. My wallet was in tact and I stuck it in my pocket and kept searching until I found my muddy shirt. I looked at it and decided to leave it as I made my journey back up the bank. It was just as I reach the top that I heard the sound of a motor coming. A few minutes later and I saw two headlights peaking through the dense fog and when it came into the clearing I could see it was the black truck. He stopped just a few inches from me and when he got out he was laughing at me with, “Damn City boy drove that nice hot rod off the cliff. I told you to follow the road not a path.”

“My brakes failed,” I sheepishly replied.

The man now standing next to me looked up and down the straight narrow road and replied, “Oh yeah, that’s a good one. Then why didn’t you just let it roll on down the lane?”

I had my head down and as I looked away in shame, I felt a really horrible impulse to turn around and bend over for him. I felt this tingling sensation inside me as if it were bidding me to offer myself to him. I was fighting it as he popped out with, “Guess I could give you a ride to my place and let you call a tow truck. Get in City boy.” With that he motioned me to his passenger door and as I sat down my now tattered shorts rose up. He pulled out slowly and as we drove away he looked over and asked, “How did your shorts get torn up?”

“I don’t know. I got tossed into the backseat and they were shredded when I came too,” I said quickly.

“Where’s your shirt and shoes?” he asked as I shrugged my shoulders, and then he said, “Guess you are almost naked then ain’t you?” I smiled and looked out the window as another urge swept over me. I felt my cock grow hard thinking of him touching it and as it did rise up the five inches of it was enough to stand the shorts up and slip out its tip for him to see.

He peeked at me and as I struggled to cover myself without drawing attention to it, he said, “You sure you weren’t jacking off in the fog?”

I gasped and then without being able to stop myself, I said to him, “Yes I was.”

He smiled and when he did he slid his hand to my leg and without a word, I lifted the shorts and pulled his hand to my cock. He took hold of it and began to squeeze it hard and as he did, I heard myself beg, “Take me.”

His grip hurt me but felt good at the same time and when he came top a driveway we quickly pulled up it. The bumping of the truck and his grip had me getting slowly jerked off. I squirted a small dab of cum out and as I did I felt the urge to taste it. I slowly fingered my opening to get it all and then I stuck my finger into my mouth. He sighed and then started to slowly help more to seep out and each time I cleansed my cock of it by eating it.

The truck came to stop at an old abandoned house. He pulled me by cock out his door and then yanked my shorts in half with one tug. I was almost a foot shorter than he was and as I started looking up into his eyes, I felt my hands unbutton his coveralls and as they did I slid them open and found my way to his massive hard cock. I let them pet his twelve-inch cock ever so lovingly. I waited for him to release his grip on mine, but instead he swung me upside down and held my face to his exposed hard dick. He squeezed mine as I kissed and licked his and when I sank my lips around and over it, I heard him groan out, “Swallow it all!”

I took it as suck it all in my mouth and I did as much as I could but after he started fucking my face I knew what he meant. He came within two minutes and it was a massive swirl of creamy cum. Its hot salty taste flooded my cavity and yes I swallowed it all down. Then holding me up by my cock and shoulder he carried me to the shack and tossed me on the rotten wooden porch. I thumped like a watermelon as I landed. He yanked off his coveralls and boots in one motion, and then he pushed my legs up and wide open as his foot began to step on my cock. He twisted it hard and firmly between the shaft and balls and then he smashed my balls on the wooden floor sending several splinters into them. I cried out in pain and he just laughed with an evil tone as he repeated his assault again. Each time he hurt me, I felt even hotter than before. I started crying from the pain and begging for him to keep doing it. I couldn’t stop myself.

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For the next ten or twenty minutes he abused my cock and then he suddenly stopped and yanked me by the hair up and threw me through the open door. I went flying into and over a wooden table that was old and stunk but was solid as a rock. He came in behind me and as I struggled to turn to see him, he forced my head forward and then his cock rammed up me. It went deep right from the start and it sent a wave of pain and pleasure through me. I felt like crying for help, but at the same time I had the desire for more of it. His cock worked me over and over and until I felt his hard meat explode into my deepest bowels.

I panted as he did and then when he pulled me onto my back on the table and began to remove the splinters in my balls I had the urge to jerk myself off and eat it. He pulled all fifteen of them out slowly and harsh. He made double sure it was painful and as I jerked it off her just smiled. A few minutes after he pulled the last one I shot a full load onto my stomach, which I then fingered into my mouth. Afterwards I passed out. I have no ideal how long I slept or what happened while I did. When I awoke I was spread eagle on the table face down with my cock inserted into a knothole and arms and legs tied with ropes to the beams that supported the house. The man now standing with his hard cock in front me smiled as he asked me, “Did you enjoy your rest?”

“Yes,” I replied as I found a new urge to suck his cock come over me, and I exclaimed, “Feed me that cock please, I have to eat it again.”

He walked over and shoved it in with a force and taking my head in his hands, face fucked me. I sucked his cock almost as fast as he pumped my mouth and after a very long time I tasted his cum in my mouth again. Just like the first time I swallowed it down. Unlike the first time, he kept pumping. His cum seem to flow like water and then when his piss started to trickle and then slowly stream behind it, I swallowed it as well.

He pulled out of my mouth and lifted his cock up and sprayed my head and back with his hot pee. He shot a long stream of it on my ass and as it ran over me, I felt like drinking more of it. He stopped his pee in mid stream and pulled a stein from a nearby shelf, as he lifted the lid he pissed into it and then poured it down me as I drank almost every last drop. Still not quenched of his piss, he filled it a second time and I drank it again. Then he placed it under the table and told me, “Your turn.”

I began to piss as if on command and when I felt it stop he lifted the stein to me and I drank it as well. Then he turned to my ass and began to beat it with leather strap. As he whipped me I felt myself begin to cum and after I had an intense orgasm he surprised me by holding the stein to my lips again and letting it seep into my mouth. He then returned to beat me more. He kept his discipline of my ass up for a long time. His barrage was harsh and sever and with some malice in it. When he had brightened my ass to a rosy red, her spoke, “Now I need to brand you like my cattle are branded.”

With that he walked over to the fireplace just to my left. He struck a match on the mantle and dropped it into the wooden chips and paper and logs inside. A few minutes after the fire began to glow brightly he pulled an iron rod from the holder next to it and stuck it into the flames. I could see what was going to happen but I couldn’t stop it and I am not sure I wanted to. He watched it turn bright red as I started begging to be branded. I could her myself crying but for it to happen. I tried to control myself but then I heard myself beg him, “Please make me one of your pets. Put your mark on my ass and make me a slave to you.”

He extracted it when it was bright red and walked around behind me and with a hard punch, it seared my flesh. I yelled out in pain and agony and pleasure all at the same time. I felt my ass throbbing as I remarked, “Again please.” With that plea he returned it to the fire then after a few minutes he repeated it on my other cheek. I felt a strong pain and without any assistance I came at the same time as I groaned in agony. I was jerking madly all over from my climax more than from his abuse. When he saw that I was enjoying it, he went over and stuck it in a third time, but before he returned with it my bonds released me. I stood up straight on the table as my head fit easily between the rafters and the upper ceiling. I placed my hands to stretch outwardly between the two beans and face him as my legs spread wide by themselves. Then my bonds returned. The ropes seem to crawl around my wrist and ankles by their own power. I was stretched ass they tightened until my legs were from end to end of the five-foot table. He pulled it out and walked over and placed in with a rush of power directly above my cock. Its heat seared my skin and now bald pubic area. As he held it on me for a very long time, I watched and smelled the flesh burn and the small cock below it harden perfectly by itself. Before he removed it to the fire again, her brushed its still hot metal over the shaft of my cock sending a stream of cum on the table below it. He pulled it back out and walked over and as he covered my belly button with it, he rammed it on me again. Then he returned it to the fire and began to fondle my breast and when he pulled it out he branded them both. Leaving only my nipples free from the searing metal. I think I passed out but I am not sure if it was the pain or the pleasure of it all. I awoke later on to find myself hanging by hands and arms from the rafters. The brand marks still were pulsing but it wasn’t as much pain as you might expect. I dangled there alone for a very long time before the bonds released themselves and dropped me onto the old rotten floor below. I slowly gained my footing and walked out of that room and into an empty small room. The walls were bare and the windows covered by mud and boards. The light from outside was dim and made the house an eerie darkness. I stumbled from there to find the rest of the house just as deserted and when I made my way outside his truck was gone. I looked around and walked back inside then out before I felt an urge to walk around the back of the house. I followed my primal calling and wound up at the edge of a path led deeper into the fog. Naked and nasty I walked along the pathway. Thorn bushes jutted out every so often from the fog scratching my flesh and tempting me to dive into them. At one point I rammed my cock into an outstretched branch with thorns before I controlled my desires. Then after several more minutes I reached an old cave entrance. I walked into the dark cavern. Standing naked in the pitch black I felt the desire to offer myself to someone, anyone and I could not control it. Finally after I stumbled along the rock cold wet stones for a few more minutes, I cried out, “Please fuck me. Please come and fuck my ass and my mouth. Do whatever you want to me. I am yours.”

A gust of bitterly cold wind swept me off my feet at that moment. I was hurled into the air and slammed into an icy cold muddy stream. The water was so cold that it caused me to gasp from the shock of it. Then as I floundered about in the water, a hand gripped my ankle and yanked me up into the air and as I helplessly hung there I felt a hot blast of breath cover my chest. Then as someone licked my nipples I began to beg for them to fuck me and boy did I get what I asked for. I was tossed up and then slammed onto the slippery muddy bank as my ass was drilled by a cock that felt larger than the man who I still had not found out the name of was.

My ass was pumped without mercy until I exclaimed in pleasure, “Thank you.” That was when I felt it leave me and I started to crawl after it. I slipped in the stream several times and then when I finally regained my footing, I stumbled into a pit of mud. I sank quickly and as I did my ankles became bound and then my arms, now I wait here for it to return before I slip from this perch and perish in the muddy pit I am in.

I had no ideal that I would end up like this, and still I don’t know its name. “I wish you would tell me your name!”

Just then a dark sinister echo replied, “It’s branded 6 places on your body slave.”

“What is it?” I scream loudly into thin air and darkness.

“Master,” it coldly replies as I feel hands gripping my shoulders once more.

-the end-