Friday, November 18, 2011

Three Holes, No Waiting

Introduction: Being raped by her brother at 12 turned her into an unstoppable slut

Jessica lost her virginity at age 12 when her then 16-year-old brother raped her. Believe it or not, right after the pain of the first minute she found that she loved it. Before he had finished she had three hard orgasms and was begging him to do it more and harder. He pulled out as he came and shot his load all over her tits and face. Her mouth was open as she was yelling the release of her third orgasm in just the five minutes that her brother lasted. One rope of cum landed in her open mouth. Rather than being turned off she loved it. She rolled it around in her mouth and then swallowed the thick salty fluid. After that she scrapped up all that she could and put it in her mouth. Her brother came up to her face and pushed his deflating cock into her mouth and face fucked her for another minute, draining the last drops of cum into her mouth. This was the start of Jessica's very active sex life.

Jessica was a slim, attractive black girl. Even at 12 she was starting to become a woman and already had firm C-cup breasts with long nipples that pointed straight forward. Her skin was smooth and the color of milk chocolate. She kept her hair straight and shoulder length. She and her brother and mother had always gotten along well. Their father had left years ago. They lived in a large apartment complex in the city. There must have been 200 apartments.

That evening while their mother was still at work. Jessica walked into her brother's room dressed in a robe. She dropped the robe and stood naked in front of her brother. "Jamal, fuck me again." Her brother did not waste any time. He was up off his bed and dropped his pants in seconds. "Sure Jess, get on your knees and suck my cock first." Jamal's rock hard six inch black shaft pointed straight out in front of him. Jessica dropped to her knees and took hold of it and felt it in her hand for the first time. "Stroke it. Move your hand up and down on it." Jessica did as her brother said. It felt funny but wonderful with its hard center shaft covered with smooth soft skin that moved up and down over the shaft. She leaned forward and touched her lips to it. Then remembering what had happened when he had fucked her face earlier she opened her mouth and pressed forward. She tried to take all of her brother's cock into her mouth but only made herself gag when it touched the back of her throat. She avoided that from happening again by taking only about four inches of it each time she moved her head up and down on her brother's fuck pole. After about a minute she stopped. "Fuck me Jamal. I want your cock in me. It felt so great earlier."

"Get on your hands and knees on the bed, Jess." She did and he got on behind her. He reached between her legs and rubbed her slit. When he touched her clit she jumped with a new sensation that she loved. "Ohh, I like that. Do it more." Jamal switched between rubbing her clit and finger fucking her with two fingers. Jessica moaned and rocked back and forth matching his thrusts. Soon her already wet pussy was leaking and her fluids were running down her thighs. Jamal couldn't wait any longer. He lined his cock up to her wet but still tight young pussy and shoved it in. This time there was no pain, just pleasure. Jessica moaned in delight as his manhood bottomed out inside of her. Jamal was not a virgin and doggy style was his favorite position. He never told anyone that his first fuck was with his mother about two years ago when she came into his room drunk and naked. He was not sure that she even remembered it as she never spoke of it and it never happened again. After that he was out to get as much pussy as he could get from girls his age or younger and from women older than his mom. He started fucking Jessica hard and fast and deep, pulling her back by the hips each time he plowed into his sister. After several minutes Jessica had had two great orgasms and Jamal could feel that he was getting close. "Oh shit, I'm gettin' close. I'm gonna come." "Don't come inside of me. I don't wanna get pregnant. Come in my mouth." Jess spun around and put her mouth over her brother's cock just as he exploded, shooting his load of hot thick cum into her mouth. "Suck Jess. Swallow it. Don't let any of it out and don't stop till I go soft." Jess did as her brother said and enjoyed every drop of him. Then they both lay together and Jessica told him how much she enjoyed it.

During the next three weeks they must have fucked a twenty times. Often it was Jessica's idea. Jessica went to the school nurse and got on the pill so she would not have to worry about getting pregnant. Then after school one day Jamal brought two of his friends from the high school football team. Jessica started to go to her room but Jamal stopped her and told her that he had told them what a great fuck she was and they wanted to get to know her. Jessica was shocked and embarrassed. The three guys moved close around her. Jamal kissed her. The others reached out and started to mall her tits. She wanted to get away but she was tightly surrounded. Soon she realized that this was feeling nice and she started to relax. "Get out of your clothes." Jamal said. Without hardly thinking about it Jess started stripping. By the time she was naked, the three boys had dropped their pants. Jamal pushed her to her knees and she was surrounded by three hard cocks pointing at her face. Her brother's black boner and two new white ones. One of the new cocks was about the same as Jamals. The other was the same length but much thicker. They were both white as a white sheep and the contrast with her brown shin was striking. They were both oozing pre-cum and she bent forward and licked it from each one. Both cocks jumped when her tongue touched them. Tom, the one with the thicker cock, put his hands behind her head and pulled her onto his cock. He hit the back of her throat and she gagged just a little. She was getting used to it from all the cock sucking she had been giving Jamal. For several minutes Jessica moved from cock to cock, sucking each one several times before moving to the next. Without warning Jim filled her mouth with his seed but she never spilled a drop and to her surprise, he remained hard. "Let's go to my bed." Jamal said and half pushed his sister into his room while being closely followed by his two white friends.

Jim lay on the bed with his white cock sticking up in the air. Jessica was pulled onto the bed and over his body. She lined her pussy up with his shaft and settled down onto it till he was buried full depth up in side of her. She started moving her hips up and down, fucking herself on Tom's thick cock. This thicker cock made her feel very full and she loved it. Jess thought that now she knew that it was not only Jamal's cock that could make her feel good. She was looking forward to all three boys taking turns fucking her like this. She knew that she was going to have more orgasms than she had ever had before. The first one was on its way. Then Jamal climbed onto the head of the bed and put his knees on either side of Tom's head and his cock was in Jessica's face. She got the idea and opened her mouth and sucked in her brother's cock. Jamal put his hands behind her head and started face fucking her, often touching the back of her mouth as he did.

Jessica felt something cold and wet and slippery being rubbed in her ass crack and then a finger probing her ass hole. Jess pulled off of Jamal and said, "No, don't do that. Leave my ass hole alone." Jamal pulled her back onto his prick and held her there as the finger entered her ass, first up to the first knuckle and then up to the second and then fully up into her. Jim started finger fucking her ass. To Jessica's surprise it did not hurt and she let it keep happening. Jim took his finger out and put more lube on it and pushed two fingers in Jess's backside and fucked her with a good rhythm, matching Tom and Jamal. Jess had no pain but felt full and like she had to shit. Next Jim took his fingers out and pushed his lubed cockhead against her anal ring. The finger fucking had loosened her up enough that his cock popped into her ass. Jim slowly worked his pole into Jessica's ass while Tom and Jamal held her tight and still. After Jim was fully in, he started slowly fucking her ass. After he was able to get up to speed, Tom and Jamal resumed their fucking. Jessica had all three holes full of cock and she was loving it. Then a huge orgasm hit Jessica. While she was yelling around her brother’s cock, her gag reflex was offset by her orgasm and Jamal took that opportunity to push his cock into her throat. Her nose was pressed against his abdomen. Now each of Jamal's face fucking thrusts went fully into his sisters throat. All three boys were fucking her hard and fast and she was having orgasms that almost ran together. Jamal came first. Tom told her to be sure to swallow all of it as his face was right below her mouth. She giggled to herself as she thought of letting some of drip onto him but she sucked hard on Jamal's cock and with his cock deep in her throat he shot his load straight into her belly and she never tasted it. Tom came next and filled her cunt with his hot cum. Then he wiggled out from under her and gave her his manhood to suck clean. Several minutes later Jim finally came deep in her bowels. Even this caused her to come again. Jim pulled out and came around to her face. Without even thinking she took him in her mouth and sucked him clean. It did not taste good but she never hesitated. Tom and Jim told her what a good fuck she was and that they looked forward to spending more time with her. Then they got dressed and left. Jessica was worn out but she knew that she wanted all the cock she could have as often as she could have it, in all of her holes.

Jessica was now 15 and she was the slut of the apartment complex and it was well known. Just about any man or boy that wanted to fuck her was welcomed in any of her holes. She fucked and sucked boys from 11 to men 70. She fucked with black, white, Hispanic guys and even one Asian. One time she even gave her English teacher a blowjob to get a better grade. She was fucked by one or more men almost every day and still fucked her brother whenever he was home from college. She delighted in flirting and flashing, letting the guys know that she was available. She wore short skirts with no panties. Her favorite times were gangbangs. She would be invited to parties in the apartment complex, which turned out to be just her and anywhere from 3 to 10 guys. She was delighted to attend these parties and be the center of attention. She never disappointed or was disappointed.

She loved to do anything sexual from being gangbanged to being tied up to being spanked and pissed on. Only once did a guy want something that she said no to. After fucking her he put her in a shower and pissed all over her and then he told her to shit and wipe it all over herself. Jessica drew the line there and said no and he did not force her to do it. Only a couple times was there another woman involved. She had no qualms about eating a pussy or having a woman eat hers but she very much preferred cock.

Jessica's mother had heard rumors but made it a point now to find out the details. Even when some guys gave Jessica hundreds of dollars without her asking for it and she gave most of it to her mother to help with the family bills, her mother did not ask questions. Jessica was her little girl.

-the end-