Monday, December 5, 2011

Trish's Hot Mother Fucker

Trish hung up the phone and got up to go start a bath. She wanted to look hot for her male friend, after all he was going to lend her a computer so she could start her own pornograhic website featuring pics of herself posing in fantasey situations for big money. She loved to tease
Tom until he begged her for sexual release, only to promise him some pussy next time she saw him. She would get so horny for cock while prick teasing him that she would often call two or three men to come over and gang fuck her after he left. Sometimes she would let Tom fuck her, but that was rare since she liked to fuck lots of different studs, especially at the same time. "Was that Tom on the phone?" Trish's mother yelled down the hall at her over-sexed daughter. "Yeah, he'll be here in about half an hour," replied Trish, "I need to run up to the store to get some cigareetes
as soon as I get out of the tub, Is that okay Mom?" Margo felt a warmth rush flow through her firm, and still very sexy body.

She had always thought Tom was a real looker, if she was 20 years younger and hadn't become very religious, she could and would have layed him already, she thought. Shocked at the way she was thinking she quickly replied that she would wait for him until she returned. Margo was a fine looking woman even at fifty-ish she had a nice body, with not a trace of fat. She had nice firm tittties, not huge like Trish, but very pert, along with an ass that looked more like a thirty year old's and long smooth legs. Trish had recently convinced her mother to dye her long elegant hair blonde, making her look younger and a lot sexier. Trish even dyed her mother's pussy hair blonde, despite Margo's statement that no one looks down there anymore! It had been two years since her husband had passed away, and two years since she'd scratched her itch. In fact, she thought, I haven't really been fucked hard since I can remember.

Her husband had been a good provider, but had become an alcoholic with very little sexual desire or ability. Despite these shortcomings, Margo remained by his side till the end, while keeping in the good eye of her church. She couldn't believe how x-rated some of the lewd, nasty
thoughts she was thinking were! "I'm leaving," yelled Trish as she went out the front door, "I'll be back in a few, have my man wait for me," she said as the door closed behind her. Margo sighed, my little slut daughter gets hard cock all the time. As a matter of fact she thought, I know she'll be back in a few...a few fucks! She figured her fuck slut daughter had gone out to get some meth from a couple of guys she fucked once in a while.

She didn't like the meth but couldn't get Trish to stop using. Trish liked the way she could orgy all night and the increased intensity of her orgasms when she was high. Sometimes when she's on it she said she could shoot pussy cum across the room. She knew Trish didn't have any money for drugs, but she also knew the dealers would gladly take it out of her slut pussy and ass, or tit-fucking her oversized jugs and nipples.

Margo decided to take a quick bath before Tom arrived to calm down her nasty thoughts, but as she slipped into the warm bath water she relized her plan was not working. The warm water was having the opposoite effect on her, without thinking she began to slowly play with her now erect
clit, the image of Tom filling her closed eyes as she masturbated. Not bad, she thought to herself as she inserted a fourth finger up her horny cunt, I bet I could teach ol' Tom a trick or two she sighhed as she sawed her fist in and out of her well loosend pussy hole. Her trance was broken
by the doorbell, "Damn," snarled Margo still craving the orgasm that Tom had interupted, "I'll be right there Tom, just let me get into a bath robe or something." Unable to find her bath robe, she settled for wrapping a towell around her still firm body, while cussing Trish under her breath for
taking her robe. "Hold on," she yelled above the insistent ringing, she decided to leave her hair down as she adjusted the very short towell on her firm, sexually aroused body, then took a deep breath and opened the door.

Tom wasn't expecting the lovely package that opened the door to greet him, but he sure liked what he saw. "Hi Tom,"Margo said, realizing that she should have covered up better. "Trish said to wait for her, and that you could go ahead and start setting up the computer in her bedroom," Margo said. She felt Tom's eyes taking in her every curve, and he didn't even try to hide the fact that he took a long, lusty stare at her barely covered fuck hole and titties. She thought she could see a large, growing bulge forming is Tom's pants as he walked past her, lightly brushing against Trish's now very horny mom, making her nipples harden and her pussy tingle. "Sounds great,"
Tom managed, taking in the scantiley clad cock craving mother of his whore girlfriend. He hadn't been expecting this..., fuck..., he hadn't even thought about fucking Trish's mom before, but her hard nipples and long legs wrapped in only a small towell where changing that. He wanted
to fuck her and fuck her hard he thought. In her hot pussy, in her tight little asshole, and down her throat. Margo knew she had better go get dressed before things got out of hand, quickly she turned to go to her bedroom, swinging the door shut at the same time. The draft caused
by the door swinging closed caused a piece of paper on a nearby table to blow to the floor. As Margo turned to see what had happened her towell caught a glass figurine and sent it crashing to the floor. Without thinking, the barely dressed mom bent over fowards to try and catch
the doomed decor, and when she did, Tom got to see where his slut bitch got her charms from. The already strained towell rose up her firm thighs as Margo leaned over, revealing a neatly trimmed pussy, glistening with cunt juice, clearly in need and anticipation of a horny stud like Tom's fat cock up her leaking fuck slit. But, what really got him hot to fuck her was her slightly agape asshole, winking at him, almost begging for a fat cock up the tight pink anal tube that promised sexual pleasure. To make the best of the situation,

Margo took her time bending over to pick up figurine, unashamidly showing off her horny asshole and pussy hole to her new stud, her swelling erect clit becoming visable at
the top of her pussy hole, now extremely wet with Margo's pussy cum. When the sexy mature slut was sure he'd gotten a good long look at all her womanly charms she slowly straightened up while she smoothed the tiny coth along her body with one hand as she wiggled her ass, pretending to
adjust the skimpy bath towell. She looked behind her as she rose and caught her new sexual interest staring at her body with lust. She smiled sexily at the horny stud, teasing him with her slut charms, all thoughts of sinning were long gone as Margo's being became blind with lust for her
slut daughters well hung boyfriend. After she was sure he had gotten a good look at her pussy and asshole she straightened up and gave the ultra short towell a half hearted tug down to cover her sex, leaving half her ass cheeks and a teasing amount of cunt hair on display. "Make yourself at
home," Margo said sexily, with a twinkle in her eye "I'm going to finish getting dressed. If you need anything just help yourself."

With that she turned and sashayed down the hall, walking as sexually provocating as she could, her ass cheeks wriggling under the revealing towell. That ought to get his cock's attention she laughed to herself, now he's ready to fuck anyone, anytime, anywhere. Yeah, fuck me,
right now and right here the horny mom thought as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror looking at her self. Knowing that she was going to seduce Tom into fucking her, Margo decided to really make herself look like a dirty horny slut. Her long blonde hair, along with the right make
up and skimpy see-thru teddy and panties made her into the wanton cock craving cum whore she craved to become. She decided on lots of jewelry to complete the transformation, making her look even more glamorous and desirable. As she looked at the seductress in the mirror, it became apparent to her that her pussy would look more fuckable if she shaved the cunt hair and exposed her hard clit for her potential studs veiwing pleasure. Soon Margo was looking at her reflection and admiring her new 'porn star' look, that nasty fuck slut is ready to get fucked hard, she thought.

Tom got the last of the computer gear he had brought out of his car and closed the car door. As he walked down the hallway towards Trish's bedroom to start setting up the computer his head was swimming of horny thoughts aimed at his 'girlfriends' mom. Visions of her bending
over and unashamedly exposing all her charms to him, only to give him that sly smile, a smile that promised erotic pleasures for those allowed to touch, or in this case, fuck, the sex starved womens needy holes. Tom tried to get his mind off the scene he had witnessed earlier, hoping to reduce the swelling in his pants, but he wasn't having much luck. As much as he tried, he couldn't forget the lewd memories of slutty Margo showing off her womanly assessts to him for his pleasure. His thoughts went to Trish, hoping she would get back soon before he did something he shouldn't with her mother. Images of both Trish and Margo naked and ready to fuck him in a hot, incestual three way. started to fill his head.

Meanwhile Trish wasn't having much luck, some slut named Dina had beat her to her main dealers house and had set up camp. Dina was Randy's girlfriend sometimes, and she didn't really like Trish coming around to try to fuck her man for free dope. Fuck, Trish thought as she
turned around and started walking to her car, That's Dina's fucking car. She knew Dina didn't like her and that Randy wouldn't be able to 'deal' with her with the bitch around. "Oh well," she murmered, "Their loss." Trish thought Dina had nice tits and when they first met, hoped that they would get into some lesbo-group stuff, but that never happened. Trish knew that if Randy had the choice, he would choose her peroxide blonde,slut ass over Dina any day. Ever since she had turned eight, men had always wanted to fuck her, and more often than not, she wanted to fuck them.

She'd fucked and sucked teachers (in the fourth grade she seduced her P.E. teacher, Mr.Sullivan), the pool cleaning crew(five well hung studs gang fucked a willing pre-teen Trish at her pool side tenth birthday party), and the construction crew that remodeled her parents house when she was almost thirteen. The horny little slut had even seduced her drunk dad when she was fifteen, getting into some serious heavy petting and groping, but stopping short of any real fucking when her dad passed out after shooting his second load.

With that thought she pulled the hem of the thin t-shirt she was wearing down to make sure her nipples weren't showing. She always pushed the limit of the law when she dressed, and she loved the attention men gave her when dressed to arouse, and today was no different. The thin white cotton shirt fit snuggly over the sluts ripe DD's, her big braless nipples poking out firmly. She had cut the sleeves off and had cut the bottom hem offf so that the shirt barely covered her large
aureolas, showing off the hot naked tit flesh, perfectly rounded shape peeking from beneath the hem. Her Levi cut offs were made to arouse also, with the aide of a pair of sissors. The sides were cut and veed as high as they could go, the ass cut as short as physically possible, only the back
pocket bottom stopping the shorts from being even shorter, if that were possible considering over half her slut ass was already showing for all big cocked studs to see, and if she bent over the lucky men would really get a sweet treat from the sexy, slutty Trisha. Her almost bare ass high
lighted by the edges of her puckered brown ass hole, peeking out provocatively, framed by her tight and very fuckable ass. In front, they were cut so short that only a thin denim strap served as the crotch to hide her horny slut pussy. They were cut a little higher than the bottom fly buttons so that they left nothing to the imagination and made it clear what she was looking for and wanted. Her skimpy red g-string teasingly peeked out both sides of the thin crotch strap, covering her hot fuck hole where her cut offs couldn't. Her next stop was some guy she had just met named Roy.

As she pulled into his driveway she noticed a couple of cars she didn't recognize. She hoped she hadn't been beaten to the dope by some other bimbo whore, or worse yet the visitors didn't do dope and then she would really be fucked the slut thought. As she approached the door she
decided she would cock tease Roy, and promise to suck and fuck him next time. She loved prick teasing and besides Roy wasn't anything special, except for the meth. She'd rub his cock and let him feel her up, get the dope and split she thought as she rang the door bell. Roy answered and
looked lustfully at the big titted meth slut with her pussy, ass and tits hanging out. "Come on in, Hon," the large, muscular man said, knowing he was going to have some fun with this fuck bunny. "Who's here?" Trish asked, before entering all the way inside. "Just some friends," Roy said, "It's
cool, c'mon in baby." He led Trish down the hall to the T.V. room, "You're just in time, We just sat down and started to have a smoke of some killer meth," Roy said, his big cock starting to swell as he saw how the blonde bimbo was dressed, her skimpy shorts and top leaving little to Roy and his buddies imagination. In the room watching a hardcore groupsex video, were four more guy's that Trish hadn't met before.

She was introduced and learned there names were Rick, Don, Brett and Cody. Trish started to think she might have a change of plan since these studs were hot looking and the porno was getting her hot to fuck. Four guy's she hadn't met meant four cocks she hadn't had squirt up her pussy or ass, or on her DD titties or her slut face. She felt the familiar tingling in her fuck hole as the studs directed thier attention to the nasty looking blonde fuck slut with her most desirable private parts, teasing, nearly, but not quite showing themselves to the increasingly high and sexually aroused studs. Trish sat down on a couch with two studs on each side and started her tease by rubbing up on the men as she woukd pass the pipe to them, and asking them to light the pipe for her as she would bend over, letting the aroused studs get a good look at her hot holes easily visable thanks to her X-rated cut-offs. The veiw from the other end was having the same effect on the now extremely hard studs lighting the pipe for her. Her braless DD tits hung to the couch cushions, rubbing the fabric and making her her nipples stiiffen to attention. The men made no attempt to hide their stares and the lust that was building over this shameless, big titted meth slut that was obviously comfortable with the idea of fucking and sucking five guys, most of which she'd never met, to sexual satisfaction.

On the television screen the porno continued to play as four men with huge cocks began rubbing their big rods all over the blonde porn actresses face, her toungue flicking at the large heads and the cum seeping piss slits, making the men in the film groan in appreciation. Cody lit the pipe for the blonde prick tease and watched the tape and the DD cleavage right in his face, alternating between the two. The hot looking blonde in the porn movie resembled Trish in a way, and Cody mentioned that the only difference was that Trish had bigger tits and nipples, they all agreed that Trish was just as desirable as the porn queen getting face fucked by four huge studs. Trish knew that her new found guy freinds were ready to fill all her available holes full of cocks and cum, so she decided to give them the green light by replying to Cody's statement with, "Another difference is that the porn slut can only handle four big dicks, as where I like at least five, fat horny pricks to play with and shove in my holes till they shoot." That was all the guys need to hear as they started to caress the nymphs big tits and well used pussy as they started to disrobe, eventually exposing five rock hard pricks, none under ten inches and all as thick as Trish's wrist.

She looked lustfully at the meat on display for her and thought how lucky she was that all the guys were not only cute, but had big, thick cunt pleasing cocks. All the men were already hard as they took in the nasty sluts hot body, her open lewdness making their cocks twitch in anticipation of gang banging the loose bitch. Trish knew men always wanted to fuck her, but she was always proud when all the men were hard from just looking at her sexy body. As she let out a low moan she sat back down on the couch with Cody on one side and Brett on the other. She leaned back and took a hard prick in each hand and started to slowly jack off the two dicks, while urging Don to come over and eat her pussy in the sexiest voice and filthiest language she could think of. "Please, stud, "the wanton slut cooed, "Lick my pussy and suck on my big clit, lover," she begged, "Stick your tongue in my fuck hole, oh yeah, fucker," she hissed "Fuck my slut whore pussy with your tongue...c'mon, I want you to taste my pussy cum, lover, then I'll lick your big balls, your cock and ass-hole until I taste your cum."

That was all Don needed to hear as he spread the over-sexed blondes legs wide and took in this nymphs totally exposed womanhood, on display for his (and four friends) entertainment and pleasure. Trish noticed that Roy was just watching the x-rated action and motioned with a finger to him. "There's plenty for everyone, Roy, honey," the big titted blonde man toy purred. "C'mon and help Don tongue my pussy hole you fucker, I want you to taste my pussy," she begged. Cody and Brett stopped sucking Trish's big nipples long enough to pull her legs over theirs giving Don and Roy total access to the cum loving cunt's pussy, clit and asshole. As Cody and Brett went back to sucking the bimbo's fat nipples while she slowly jacked their fat pricks, Rick straddled the back of the couch so that Trish could have easy access to his eleven inch rod with her mouth. Trish always loved a gang bang, especially when all the cocks are so fucking huge she thought, as Ricks big dick tapped on her lips, bringing her back to the situation at hand, or in this case, mouth. Slowly she took the mans large prick in her mouth, teasing him with her tongue, licking the head and the fat shaft and finally his nuts, sucking one then the other, using her mouth to engulf the lucky studs balls rolling each one around her hot sucking mouth.

The men could tell that Roy and Don were doing all te right things as Trish moaned she could feel her pussy getting ready to shoot. The two men each took a pussy lip in their mouths and ran their tongues up and down the trashy blonde's hot fuck hole while jacking themselves off to get their big cocks ready to fuck her pussy and ass. As Don moved to her clit and began an oral attack on the whore's erect nub, Roy moved down to her asshole, holding an ass cheek in each hand he proceeded to give Trish a deep rim job, literally fucking the sluts asshole with his tongue. This was to much for the nasty meth whore, as her first orgasm began to rock her over-sexed body. Trish let out a scream that made all the men look up just in time to see her thin, watery pussy cum shoot out of the blonde slut's fuck hole. The warm liquid spattered all over Don and Roy's faces, the rest landing on the couch and floor. At the same time Cody and Brett were getting a suprise of their own, sucking on the bithches big nipples as she came. Even though it had been six months since her last baby, and that she hadn't used her breast pump since a birthday party she had given for a male friend, her swollen nipples began to produce a thin, sweet nectar of fine breast milk much to the pleasure of the suckling men.

As Brett and Cody played with Trish's big DD tits they quickly learned how to milk the whores nipples by squeezing the swollen nub with two fingers, sending a thin stream of milk in all directions and lightly covering Trish's new lovers with her big titties fresh milk. The men decided
it was time for some fucking as Roy and Cody laid on the floor on their backs, opposing one another almost ass to ass. At first Trish didn't know what the two men were doing until they made her aware that their cocks were now right next to each other in order to see if she were woman enough to suck two fat cocks at a time. "Sounds like a challenge," laughed Trish as she got down on the floor next to the hard studs. "Mmhh," the blonde sighed as she tried to grip both cocks with one hand as she hungrily licked both the egg sized cock heads at the same time. With the mens urging she managed to get both the rods down her throat at the same time, leaving only a few inches of both dicks exposed outside her over stuffed mouth.

Meanwhile Don and Brett had began to loosen the sluts pussy and ass with their fat, calloused fingers, slowly sawing in and out of her soon to be stuffed holes. "What an ass," mused Brett to Don, "She must get fucked in the ass all the time, Fuck I got four fingers up her ass no
problem." "Oh yeah, I heard Trisha likes to ass fuck, huh baby" Roy said to Trish who's mouth was stuffed with two big fuck sticks. The hot fuck bunny smiled at the man with her eyes and moaned on the cocks down her throat. "I'll take that as a yes," the large man said as he eased his last
finger into her gaping cunt. "See Don," Brett chuckled "Trish the Dish must get fucked in the pussy all the time too, see?" With that he shoved his whole hand into the loose sluts fuck box, making her moan loudly followed by more cum shooting from her stretched cunt as Brett started to fist
fuck the bitches fuck hole with Don looking on in awe. With girl cum streaking Brett's forearm from the intense fist fucking, Roy decided Trish was ready for his next suprise. As Brett pulled his wrist from her now gaping cunt, Rick pulled her off the two dicks she was fucking down her throat, making a disappointed moan emit from the horny cock sucker. The moans soon turned to moans of lust as her pussy was lowered down onto the two large cocks that had been fucking her mouth. Thanks to the fisting, Trish's pussy gave little resistance to the two rock hard cocks trying to bury themselves in her womb. The cunt lips strecthed tightly around the two pricks as she sunk deeper onto the mens rods until she could feel the cock heads bumping against her cervex. This set off her third orgasm, sending cum shooting from her pussy and down the dicks buried in her love hole.

As she continued to fuck the big double-dicks stuffed in her unsatiable cunt hole, riding the studs with her eyes closed, low moans emitting from deep within the fuck sluts man pleasing body, gradually increasing in both volume and urgency. Rick, Don and Brett amused themselves by playing with her big nipples and using the fresh tit milk as lubrication as they rubbed their swollen, milk covered dicks all over the double dicking blondes big tits and face, her tongue lashing out at the three seeping piss slits anytime one would near her hot pink lip glossed
mouth. As the tempo reached fever pitch, Don decided Trish need to get fucked in her puckered ass hole by his big cock. First he licked and kissed her her perfectly shaped ass cheeks, making her shake her ass and moan in appreciation as she leaned forward to allow Don better access to her tight little ass hole. In this position Rick and Brett could only use her face and long, silky blonde hair for their sexual gratification and lust.

As Rick fucked the whore's wanton mouth, and Brett jacked off with his dick wrapped in her hair, Roy sucked the mother's nectar from her hanging orbs. Don in the meantime had worked his way down to her pucker hole and was french kissing her ass hole with his tongue. Don couldn't help but notice the erotic sight just inches away from him, the two huge cocks stuffed up a ready and willing cunt hole, leaving trails of man and woman cum streaked on Trish's pussy lips and down her thighs as she fucked the big rods buried deep in her snatch. Don shoved his rock hard cock up the orgy sluts loosened up shitter making her moan, "Fuuuuuucccckk......," she screamed as she came for what must of been the ninth orgasm, literally drenching Roy and Cody's large fucking members and dripping down their thighs. This brought a loud moaning from Cody as he sprayed the inner walls of her cunt with his man seed, causing Roy to also lose control. "Ahhhh....," Roy gasped as he too, filled the new aquantance's pussy hole with large amounts of male semen. "You two fucker's..... Fuck, I love it, don't stop you guys, fuck me hard, I love it." This trashy whore talk made Don lose control, moaning as he shot load after load up Trish's once tight ass hole. At the same time Rick pulled out of her mouth sending cum shooting all over her face and open mouth, while Brett jacked off all over her silky bleach blonde hair.

Trish was glad to notice that none of the men had gone soft, especially the dual dongs she was enjoying fucking so much. "Lover," Trish cooed to Rick and Brett, "I'm still horny for some cock up my ass, do you think you two could 'Help me out' ," Trish teased. As the fuck slut continued to ride the two horse dicks shoved up her pussy while sucking Don's cock back up to full attention, Brett and Rick took turns fucking Trish's shit hole while fondling her sexy ass cheeks. "Is that all the cock that you guy's got," teased Trish with a pouting look on her face. "You want some more cock in your pussy, don't you," said Rick with a sly grin. " know what Ilike lover.....c'mon and fuck me, please," Trish begged. Rick need no more encouragement as he pulled his cock out of her ass and started rubbing his cock head around her clit, and between the two rods already fucking her pussy. He wedged his dick between the other two and firmly shoved his way into the overfilled cunt causing the over-sexed fuck toy to scream out loudly, again sending thin pussy cum spraying wildly on the bitches new found friends.

Brett decided to see how nasty this slut could get as he bent Trish foward so her ass was higher in the air, then straddling her back while facing Rick, Brett eased his man pole deep into Trish's loosened up ass hole. Trish was in complete euphoria, all holes filled with big cocks, but she couldn't and wouldn't forget why she was here, meth. Hell, she could, and did, get multiple cocks whenever she wanted, that was never a problem. What was, was getting any dope from a guy you let have the whole package befoer collecting the fee. As the guy's came one by one, their dicks slipping reluctantly from Trish's various holes, dripping semen everywhere, Trish made her move.
"Roy, why don't you get me a little turn-on and then I'll give you guy's a big turn-on," the sex crazy, meth addicted blonde purred. I'll meet you guy's at the outdoor bathroom by the pool. "Don't be late, you studs," the blonde orgy slut teased. The pool's bathroom was completely tiled from the wall to the floor with a drain in the middle of the floor. It had a toilet, a sink and a shower head sticking out of the wall. Basically a big shower with a sink and toilet inside. Trish turned on the shower and washed the cum from her body and hair, watching the goo go swirling down the drain. She knew not to spend a lot of time cleaning up, since she was going to get messy one more time before the final clean up. Just as she finished towelling off her hair, the guy's came in and took the towell from her and sat it on the sink. Next the five naked men, each with their big dicks rock hard and ready again, took the sex slave and sat her on the sink on top of the towell. Roy caught Trish's eye, and showed her a packet of meth before putting it in her purse.

The guy's each took turns fucking Trish's slut pussy until they came in her or on her. Just as the last guy was getting ready to shoot, Trish started pissing while wiggling her ass, sending yellow streams flying through the air and all over the suprised studs. "Good for you, good for us,"
Roy said as he started pissing all over Trish's cum covered body. The other studs got the idea and soon all five men were giving the slut the golden shower she obviously wanted, shooting their hot, yellow piss in her agape pussy and ass, her face her mouth, and her hair. "Fuck yeah," the
hot blonde piss lover sighed, "Piss all over me you fucking stud lovers, I want it....fuck I love it, C'mon I need it you nasty big dick fuckers," Trish hissed. Trish having fucked the five men's big cocks amd emptying them of both their cum and piss, smiled proudly. Not any she bitch could drain five guys until they had nothing left to squirt. "Is that all you studs have li' ol' me," the cum and pissed covered slut teased. The guys dicks twitched but still weren't ready to fuck more pussy, so Roy suggested they smoke some more meth and take a swim. Trish knew she had her own dope now and didn't need Roy so she excused herself to shower and clean herself up, promising to meet the guys in the den. After another shower, Trish made her exit despite the protests from the men. She didn't care about them though, she had just done what was neccessary to score, "Hell," she
thought, I can't even remember any of their names except for Roy's, she thought to herself and laughed. As she got into her car her thoughts switched to Tom, and whether he had set up the computer for the internet ,yet. I wonder how my mom and Tom are getting along, she thought as
she pulled onto the street. Talk about two opposites she better get home before there's a major blow out about something she decided, then headed toward her home and a big surprise.

Meanwhile, back at Trish's house Tom had gotten the computer hooked up and was putting it through it's paces. Margo was more determined than ever to fuck her daughters boy friend and didn't care what she had to do to make it happen. She took one last look in the mirror to make sure every thing was just right. Margo had put on a skimpy see-thru teddy with matching g-string she had borrowed from Trish that was way to small for either one of them. Her pouting cunt lips were visable on both sides of the crotch strap, and her ass cheeks looked as if she was wearing nothing, her tight and firm bare ass just ready for the taking ( or fucking ). The teddy she wore was made to arouse men, to make them want to fuck. It hid nothing and made her erect nipples poke teasingly through the fabric. "Perfect, she thought." Now to see if I remember how to do this, she thought, as she plugged in her lap top computer. "Here goes nothing," Margo sighed and initiated her plan.
"Damn," she said loudly so Tom could hear. "Trish, are you on line already? You just must of missed Tom," she continued with her act. "You keep knocking me off line, Trish," she said before pushing her daughters bedroom door open and exposing herself to a very suprised male guest. "Oh, ah, em, Trish insn't here, Mrs. Libbey," Tom managed to babble out, his eyes fixed directly on her visually inticing, teddy encased titties, her hard inch long nipples poking through the thin lace. "Call me Margo," the scantily clad bitch in heat purred. "Trish isn't....," Tom started again. "I heard you, honey,"Margo cut in, "Your the man I need anyway." "What do you need, Margo?" the confused stud said cautiously, his large dick starting to rise despite his best efforts to deflate it. "When I'm on the chat line, I alway's get knocked off line," she lied. "Excuse the way I'm dressed but I alway's dress like this when I'm on the sex chat lines" her lie continued. "It's the safe way for me to get off, you know I'm glad you found out because I don't feel like I'm hiding anything," Margo said, noticing the large bulge forming in her preys pants. "So, do you think you could look at my laptop," the aroused horny mom teased. "Yeah, where is it," Tom croaked, starting to take in the situation at hand. "In my bedroom," Margo purred as she turned an started toward her love nest, her taught ass cheeks teasing her stud with a promise of things to come. Tom, in a trance, followed behind his slut girlfriend's mom, taking in her womanly curves.

Once in her bedroom, Tom started to look at Margo's computer, going on line and checking various functions. After finding nothing wrong he went to a sex chatline to see if it worked. "Well I can't find anything," he said, "What web site was it?" he asked. "Oh, I think this is it," she fumbled. "Now or never," she thought as she slid her hand onto Tom's thigh and started to rub
gently. "Well thanks, I think you fixed it," the hot mom blew in his ear. "Think you could look at one more thing?" Margo smiled. "Yeah," the hot to fuck stud said firmly, obviously passed all formalties. She moved her hand to his now engorged cock and freed it from it confines, bringing an
appreciative moan from the widow slut as she swallowed her new lover down to his bloated nut sacks. Tom moaned as his new fuck used one hand to play with his balls and used the other to grab his ass and force him deeper into her sucking mouth, eventually shoving her finger up his ass hole. She raised her head and released his throbbing rod from her mouth long enough to say, "Cum in my mouth, then we can get down to some serious fucking," Margo whispered before swallowing his rod down to the nuts again. "Mmm...," Tom groaned as he petted her soft hair, "Here it cums, Baby," he moaned, "Ahhh....." Shot after shot filled Margo's slut sucking mouth, until she pullled the spurting rod out of her mouth, catching the last shots in the face, hair, and all over her see thru teddy. Just as the last drop of cum spewed from his cock slit the door swung open.

"What the fuck!" Trish yelled, "You fuckers, I can't believe this bull shit." "Yeah well look at you," Tom said, "I can't believe your bull shit," he retorted. In all the commotion, Trish forgot she hadn;t changed her top yet. As she looked down to see what Tom was talking about she realized her thin t-shirt had milk stains on the nipple area. To make matters worse she felt some left over cum run out her pussy and down the sluts thigh, her tiny g-string and nothing cut-offs unable to contain the cum. "Well fuck," Trish started, "I ....." "Shut up and come over here," Tom ordered playfully. "C'mon, Patricia," her mom stated frankly. "Let's have some fun," gently starting to jack off Tom's still stiff dick. Trish slowly came to the bed and removed her clothes. She sat down on the bed next to her slut mom and started to assist her in fist fucking their lover's fuck weapon.

-the end-