Monday, December 5, 2011

Me and My Teachers

When I was 13 I moved from private to state school. It was a massive change but by the time I was in year 10 I had a large amount of close friends and had settled in well. One of the things I noticed was that there were a few very sexy teachers. Being a teenager and going to an all boy’s school always made me incredibly horny whenever I saw one of these teachers.
After sitting through a boring morning of maths then Physics I went to the field at the back of the school where me and my mates meet at break. We talked about all things that teenagers talk about: films, fit girls and what we were going to do at the weekend. As always the talk moved to whoever we would rather fuck: Mrs. Smith or Miss Jones. Let me tell you a little bit about both of them. Mrs Smith was a 45 year old woman who was the biggest MILF you could ever meet. She had long brown hair with brown eyes. She always wore tight fitting dresses that showed of her perfect tits which were probably about a 34d. She also had an amazing ass that was an ass that an 18 year old girl would be proud of. Miss Jones on the other hand was completely different. She was a small Scottish woman but who was the kind of women who wanted sex all the time. They both did! Miss Jones had a small pair of boobs, only about a 30b but they were still gorgeous. She also had an ass that was perfect for a 32 year old.
Just then the bell rang and then talking of the devil Mrs Smith came over to tell us to go inside to next lesson. Everybody got up to go including me. Just then Mrs Smith bent down to pick up a piece of rubbish of the floor and I got a perfect view of her ass as she was bent over. I stared for a second to long and she saw me starring at her ass when she stood back up. I think she pretended not to notice but my face had turned bright red. As I started walking back to the school I reached into my bag and checked what lesson I had. English with............ Mrs. Smith! I couldn’t look her in the eye as I walked into the classroom passing her in the doorway. I was usually quite good at English but today I just couldn’t concentrate. Every time I had a moment to think all I could think about was her ass wiggling on my face and me spraying my cum all over her beautiful tits. She also always had the top two buttons undone of her blouse so that I could see just enough cleavage to make my teen cock rock hard. The lesson just seemed to drag on and on and I needed to get out of the classroom as quick as I could as my imagination was causing my balls serious problems. I needed to go and relieve myself by going and having a quick wank. I just had to wait it out though and 15 minutes later the bell rang for lunch and I got up to go with the rest of the class. I was practically running out the classroom when I heard Mrs. Smith’s voice behind me calling me back.
‘Brett, would you be kind enough to wait behind for 10 minutes please?’ she said. I gritted my teeth at the thought of having to hide my erection for another 10 minutes in the company of a hot, middle aged woman. She got straight to the point after asking me to sit down.
‘Now Brett, are you going to be kind enough to tell me why I caught you staring at my ass at the end of break?’ I gulped and started to go red. I couldn’t find the words as I opened my mouth the closed it again. She answered for me. ‘So you’re a pervert are you? You like staring at people for your own sexual needs?’
I blurted out ‘No Miss, I just whenever I see you I get a massive rush and instantly get a hard on.’
She smirked a little and started playing with her hair, twirling it around her fingers slowly. ‘Well it is nice to be appreciated by someone, even if he is a third of my age. I wish my husband did.’
‘If I was your husband I’d always tell you how good you look,’ I said growing in confidence.
She smiled again and walked other to the door and pulled down the blind and then locked the door. I smiled nervously not quite expecting what to happen next. I found out what she was going to do. She came over to me and sat on my lap. I could feel my boner digging into to her ass as she whispered dirtily in my ear.
‘For the next 15 minutes I’m all yours you stud!’ I was shocked but obeyed. I picked her up and carried her over to her desk. I put her on it and started unbuttoning her blouse. As I took it of it revealed a pink bra with a black playboy bunny on the left cup. I swallowed not quite sure what to say as I unhooked her bra and gaped as her perfect tits fell away from it. As a teenager I had had a fair share of action. I had a girlfriend who has given me a blowjob and I’ve sucked her boobs and stuff like that. But this was different. While my girlfriends’ boobs were still developing Mrs Smith’s were amazing, big and bouncy. I started sucking on a nipple and then the other and she let out a moan of enjoyment. I felt her undoing the buttons on my shirt and then taking it off with my help. I played a fair amount of sport and was the year 10 rugby captain so I had a pretty muscular body. She started feeling me along my shoulders and my abs as she pulled me closer to her. I felt her boobs and then slowly moved my hands down her back until I got a feel of that perfect ass of hers. It was so tight but had just enough meat on it to make it have something to grab hold of. I slowly started pulling down her skirt until she was naked apart from her tights. She undid my belt buckle and then yanked my school trousers down to my ankles. My cock struck out miles and my boxers where soaked with precum. She smiled and then pulled down my boxers. My cock finally felt fresh air as she started licking my head. I didn’t have the biggest dick, probably about 7 inches but it was big enough as she just about fitted it in her mouth. She started slowly sucking but then built up the pace. After needing to cum for so long it was only about a minute before I told her I was about to spray my goo all over her. She carried on sucking until I started pumping my load down her throat. After 3 shoots I pulled out and sprayed a few more loads on her tits. She was covered in my cum already!
After a minute she said how amazing that was and started sucking my dick again. It only took me about a minute to get back to my full on hardness as she started deepthroating my dick. I shoved it violently down her throat and she held it there for about 20 seconds. I pulled out my hard cock covered in spit and cum and then moved down to pull down her leggings. I was shocked by the lack of underwear but this only made me hornier. I lay her on the table and moved down so my face was just above her pussy. I smelt its aroma and it smelt so good. There was no hair on it at all. She was shaved all over. I slowly lowered my tongue and started to lick her pussy. She started groaning and grabbed the back of my hair and shoved my head right in towards her pussy. I licked faster and builded up the pace. She made more noise and I wondered why no one had disturbed us yet. I didn’t care through as I found her clit and slowly suck on it. She loved it and her body jerked as she almost screamed out. She started telling me to shove my cock up her pussy and I didn’t need a second invitation. Here I was about to lose my virginity with my hot English teacher!
I guided my dick into her pussy and thrust forward. She let out a soft moan as I pushed in a second time, and then a third. I started to push harder and faster and she pushed back. I was groaning and so was she as my cock slipped out. I spat on it and then shoved it back in. She loved it rough and was biting down on her skirt to stop herself screaming. After a couple of minutes I slowed again and pulled out. I turned her around into doggy style and pushed my cock back in. I shoved harder and harder and faster and faster as she shoved back just as hard. I moved my hands away from her ass and hips and grabbed her swinging, perfect tits. I gave them a squeeze and she let out a little high pitched shriek. I pulled out soon after and gave her a long kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she pushed back as we kissed for about a minute. I spat my spit into her mouth and she spat back all our mixed spit onto my cock. She then whispered in my ear ‘shove that cock up my ass.’ I obliged willingly.
First through I sat her on her knees on top of the desk and moved in behind her. I pulled apart her ass cracks and then stuck my tongue up her ass. I thought it would be disgusting and I had said I would never do it but it was so good and Mrs Smith loved it. I shoved my whole tongue up her ass and licked. It tasted so good. She then said that she wanted to taste her ass so I pulled my tongue out and pushed it into her mouth. She loved the taste and begged for more so I repeated this a couple more times. My cock was bored so I spat into her asshole and she spat into my hand which I fingered into her ass. I prepared to push my cock into her ass and thrust forward. After a couple more pushes and some big, loud moans from her I was in. I thrust, slowly at first but then quickening in pace deep up the ass. She bit down hard on her skirt as I destroyed that beautiful ass. I started to feel blood rush to my cock and then my balls began to tingle. In between thrusts I let her know I was going to cum soon so she told me to pull out of her. I did so and she jumped of the desk and waited underneath me with her mouth open waiting to take my cum. I wanked my cock for a couple of strokes before my cock started spraying cum all over her. It went in her mouth and all over her face and as I lowered my cock all over her tits. I saw my cum starting to slowly drip down towards her pussy. She caught it and wiped it onto her tummy. She looked up at me with lustful, sexy eyes and just said to me ‘wow!’
Just then there was a knock on the door. We both scrabbled on our clothes and tried to look as normal as we could even through the desks were all out of line, we were both covered in sweat and Mrs. Smith had strands of cum in her hair. After a minute she opened the door and in walked Miss Jones. I was shocked and had to quickly hide my lustful smile as she walked in talking to Mrs Smith. She noticed me and then quickly whispered in Mrs. Smith to go out and talk in private. They walked back out. I tried to tidy myself up. I wiped away as much sweat as I could and tidied up my uniform. I stopped as Mrs Smith walked back into the room without Miss Jones. She lent in and gave me a big opened mouth kiss and her tongue danced across my teeth. She then told me I had been brilliant and that I should probably get going as it was nearly end of lunch. She gave me one more kiss and then I left the room and walked out to the back field to catch up with my mates. The whole way I was trying to spit out the taste of her juices as I didn’t want it to be too obvious what had just happened.
Then the next day as I stood outside my chemistry lab waiting to be let in I suddenly wondered what Mrs Smith and Miss Jones and been talking about. Could it have been about me? I didn’t worry too much until I remembered who my chemistry teacher was. Miss Jones. She let us in and we had the same lesson that we always had. Practical then write-up. As usual I spent half my time looking at her pert little boobs and her tight ass. As the end of the lesson approached we packed away our things and waited to leave. Miss Jones tugged my arm back as I turned to leave signalling me to stay back for a minute. I waited until everyone had left before asking her what was up. She replied in a questionable but knowing voice:
‘Did you and Mrs Smith have fun yesterday lunchtime?’ I tried to pretend I didn’t know what she was talking about but my bright red cheeks and ears gave it away as I tried to lie my way out. I finally nodded and she smirked. ‘Mrs Smith tells me that you are one of the best fucks she has ever had.’ I’m going to get straight to the point now Brett, after school today I want you to come back to my house and fuck me!’ I was shocked and she could see it in my eyes. ‘Yes I know it’s weird but I want your big cock!’ ’Just tell whoever is picking you up this afternoon I’m going to be giving you some extra help in Chemistry. I slowly nodded my head smiling.
The next day after texting my step mum who was the one who was going to be picking me up later that day I waited 20 minutes to make sure no pupil saw me before going over and waiting by Miss Jones car. She arrived 5 minutes later and smiled before unlocking the car for me to go inside. She got in herself before looking at me and then slowly moving her hand over my school trousers and towards my cock. She grabbed it through the material and leaned over the gear stick to kiss me. It lasted a good minute before she pulled away from the kiss. By this time she had undid the zipper on my trousers and had my semi hard cock in her hand. She slowly started working it up and down making it hard as I let out soft moans. She leaned over and licked the head and pulled back out with a tongue full of pre cum. She leaned in again and took the whole of my dick in her mouth and deep throated it. I loved it and took hold of the back of her head and slowly throated fucked her pushing her head down onto my cock. She kept this up for about 5 or 6 minutes before I moaned I was about to cum and then starting pumping loads of my sticky substance down her throat. At this time she was still in the deep throat position and I saw cum dribbling out of her mouth and onto my boxers. Half a minute later she pulled away and swallowed my seed.
‘Yum yum!’ she said looking at me with big, lustful eyes. She then pulled away and we drove to her house. She lived near the school, only about 5 minutes, just enough time for my cock to go back to flacid. She opened her door and I followed her inside. She asked if I wanted a drink and I said I did so you went off to get them. I sat down and looked around. Bloody hell this woman loved sex! She had sex magazines in her shelves and a stack of hardcore porn movies next to her TV. I felt something under me and lifted up to find a massive dildo. This thing must have been 10 inches long. I hope my dick could do the same amount of damage as this could! She came back holding two glasses of lager, one of which she handed to me.
‘Aw I see you have found one of my collections,’ she said indicating at the dildo. ‘I have about 10 of these, all different sizes.’
‘Fucking hell, you love sex!’ I exclaimed and she smiled and nodded lustfully. The next minute she had put her drink down and jumped on me. I was shocked as she shoved her tongue into my mouth and starting feeling my chest. I quickly got back into the mood and grabbed her small, pert tits with one hand and grasped her lovely ass in the other. She pulled off for a minute and undid her blouse revealing a blue bra. I quickly took of my shirt as well. She got down on her knees and pulled down my trousers and my boxers in one and grabbed my flacid cock. She quickly brought it back to life by wanking and sucking me. God she was good! After a couple of minutes she pulled away and started taking off her bra leaving my cock a salivary, pre cum mess. Her tits where so good as she took of the bra and moved over towards me so I could get a good feel. I ran my hands over them and gave them a squeeze before taking her big nipples in my mouth and sucking them until they where rock solid. She was groaning and I could tell she loved it.
She went back to my cock and worked it again deep throating it and then sucking my balls. After another two or three minute she pulled away again and undid the button on her tight trousers. I grabbed them and yanked them down revealing a light blue thong which only just covered her pussy. I turned her around and gave her ass a smack. She bent over so it was right in my face and wiggled it about. She turned back around and demanded me to take of the thong. I didn’t need telling twice as I pulled it down revealing a shaven pussy with just a landing strip above her opening. I moved my head forward and started licking it sticking my tongue deep inside. It only took me a minute to find her clit and I started giving it a good sucking.
‘I’m gunna cum!!!’ she screamed and she wasn’t wrong as her legs shaked and I was hit in the face by her squirt. I opened my mouth and took in her lovely taste as I lasted a good 10 seconds. ‘That was amazing!’ she moaned as I moved my head back in to lap up any remaining pussy juice. After a minute she moved back down to my virtually forgotten cock and took it in her mouth again. Finally after about another 5 minutes I moaned I was going to cum and she moved back as I wanked myself before pumping 5 or 6 loads onto her pert tits. I lay back on the sofa as she licked any remaining cum of my cock. She moved up and lay on top of me smiling. ‘There’s just one more part left now,’ she said.’
‘And what is that?’ I replied teasingly.
‘You’re gunna take me over to the kitchen table and ram that cock into me.’ I lifted her up and carried her over to the table before laying her onto it. I moved my head down and started licking her out again slowly sucking on her clit before building up the pace. After only about a minute she screamed she was going to squirt again. And she wasn’t wrong. I opened my mouth as another tidal wave of pussy juice hit the back of my throat. I swallowed it all and then started licking again.
‘You really are the squirt queen aren’t you?’ I grinned. She moaned again and told me she wanted my cock back in her mouth. I shoved it back in and she gladly accepted it and quickly sucked it. After a minute she told me she wanted it in her pussy now. I moved into position before slowly pushing in. I slide in and out in her sopping wet snatch before she demanded I went harder and faster. I did as she said and for the next minute with me on top I shoved my cock into her pussy with my ball sack smacking into her ass. She moaned and once again squirted, this time all over my cock and chest. I pulled out and licked it up again as she groaned in sexual delight. I turned her around she this time she was on top bouncing up and down on my cock with me grabbing her beautiful tits. After another couple of minutes unbelievable she squirted AGAIN! This time all over my upper body and face. Once again I licked it up before moving her over again so this time I was behind her.
‘Shove it up my ass!’ she screamed. I bent down and spread her ass cheeks before licking her up her hole. I stuck my tongue up as far as it would go. I loved the taste and the smell of her pussy and ass and she loved me licking them. I pulled out my tongue before sticking two fingers up her wet asshole and fingering her quickly. She screamed and I saw another wave of pussy juice spill out on to the table. It was time for me to stick my cock up there now and I did pushing slowly at first before building up the pace.
‘FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!’ she cried as I banged my cock in and my balls banged into her dripping cunt. Once last time pussy juice squirted out before I was moaning I was going to cum and I did right up her ass. I pumped and pumped it out squeezing every last drop I had out of my balls before pulling out. As I did cum spilled out with it all over the table. She spun around and gave me a big open mouthed kiss as I stuck two fingers into her cunt before pulling them out and licking them.
At this point there was a horn outside. Shit! It was my step mum picking me up. How time flies when you’re having fun! Miss Jones chucked me a cloth and I wiped my face trying to clear away all the sweat and pussy juice that I could. I scrabbled on my clothes and as I turned to leave Miss Jones called after me.
‘Brett, If your still having trouble with Chemistry I could help you some more tomorrow if you like?’ she said winking at me.

-the end-