Saturday, May 10, 2008

The "Golden" Rule

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I met a real wanton hussy this last weekend and couldn't wait to write about it. Laura was fixing a flat tire on a little red Miata, pulled off the road rather perilously. I pulled off to offer my help, and was pleased to see that my boy scout move rewarded by a fine young redhead, about five-three, not skinny but packed into a short leather mini, with a leather bikini top, with small tits, in gogo boots to boot.

After Laura accepting my offer of a "coffee" when finished with the ahem, tire, we bounced off to a local bar. We palavered back and forth getting the usual pleasantries out of the way, when she shot me this haymaker; "I have never done this before, but I am really horny. Would you like to come back to my place for an evening to remember? How very prophetic! I answered her by reaching across the narrow table and kissed her deeply. A jolt of electricity ran up and down my spine with the intensity of this girl's kiss. I had never in my life kissed a woman with such a talented tongue. If fucking her was going to be half as fun, well, you be the judge.

We shot over to her place, and proceeded to make out deeply, furiously ripping each others clothes off. I steered her to her bed, which wasn't hard to find in the little one bedroom flat. Laura said she wanted to shower and bathe first. When she flipped the lights on in her bathroom, I was pleased again to see a large, sunken bathtub. After a quicky shower, we filled the tub with steamy fragrant, soapy bubble bath. I couldn't wait to actually taste her perfectly coiffed vagina. She was on her back, with her thighs wrapped loosely around my neck, thrown over my shoulders. Her lovely wet fruit was presented to me glistening with her honey dripping out and down into her beautiful rosebud.

After feasting on this beautiful shiny peach for a long, long, very long time, She mounted me with her back facing me. Laura started rocking on my cut, seven inch, quite thick penis. She had her feet on either side of my hips, and was posting up and down on my penis like a jockey on a stallion. She was really getting it, swaying from side to side. She was alternating moaning some deep guttural jibberish, and screaming loud enough to wake the dead. Her orgasm's arrival was announced not just by her screaming and crying, but lo and behold, she was PEEING all down my angry, unsatiated penis and achingly full balls.

She was actually crying and sobbing now, "Oh, I am so sorry. I just can't control my bladder when I come."

I tried to keep an angry scowl on my face, but it was as difficult a chore as I had taken on lately. I was so turned on I couldn't believe it, any more than I believed her about this being an "accident". But I still wanted to exploit this touchy situation to my own degenerate end, so I took her firmly by the shoulders and waist, and lowered her head into the now drained end of the tub, along with the remains of her "accident".

My penis was about to explode, as I pushed the bulbous head of my dick into her pulsing asshole, lubricated with her urine and the juices of our coupling. Her anus offered a token resistance, and the complete filthiness of the whole ordeal inspired a "world class" orgasm or my own. I wanted her to see how turned on I was. As I started to come, I pulled out of her ass, flipped her on her back, and spooged thick, viscous jism all over her heaving belly and tits.

The next morning over a delightful breakfast, she stated that she only could achieve orgasm by evacuating her bladder during intercourse. I stopped her in mid sentence by saying, "Don't apologize for some of the best sex I ever had."

I was crushed when she informed me that she is the wife of a wealthy doctor. And that she keeps this little apartment as a place to seduce unsuspecting men. Then she delivered the coup de grace by telling me that the entire turn on for her was in the seduction, and that now that she had her way with me, well, she kissed me deeply on the lips, and left me standing in the parking lot in the rain.


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