Thursday, May 1, 2008

Watersports - Chapter 4

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Watersports - 4

If you have read the other 3 saga's of my experiences, you may have figured why I have become such a fan of the wet & wild life. Starting at such a young age was really a lot of it, but as I grew older, I found myself wanting more. Here is another TRUE story from my younger years.

This story begins when I was about 19 years old. Kathy was still living in the nurses dorm and my other friend Dale, along with Mike and I were getting pretty close as far as friends go.

Kathy and I had an understanding. Sometimes we would just go on the prowl at our separate leisure. We had some great sex and we both realized that we wanted MORE! Our hopes were to each find a partner that would be interested in OUR new obsession. One Friday night, Kathy and I decided that we would each hit separate bar's to find another partner and bring them back to the dorm. We wanted to set up an "oops, sorry to walk in on you" situation and we were NOT going to tell our new found partners about it.

Kathy had an answering machine and I would check her messages to see if she had found somebody yet and vice-versa. When she or I found somebody, the other was to leave a message on the machine with a code that let the other person know that the situation was ready.

We each went our separate ways and began our quest for sex. I went to a club that I frequented and met my 2 friends Mike and Dale. I told both of them about our little plan. Dale didn't really take me to seriously, but Mike, on the other hand, KNEW that it was for real.

We played a bit of pool, while keeping one eye open for some "strange". A couple of swings and misses and one crash and burn and I gave up! I knew that this was hopeless! Finding a girl for a one night stand was hard enough, let alone finding one that seemed wild enough to try a 4 some. After about an hour of searching, We decided to leave the club and try a another place.

Mike, Dale and I went downtown to a bar that rumored to be a lesbian bar. We had never been in there, but the grapevine was pretty reliable on the bar scene. As the three of us walked in, we noticed nothing but women couples sitting in quiet booths minding their own business. The three of us stood out like sore thumbs! We sat at the deserted bar and ordered some drinks. The bartender was a nice guy. I kinda figured he may have been gay. I began a conversation. "Rick" was written on his little name tag. "I think I'm in the wrong bar, eh Rick" I said calmly. "depends on what you want" replied Rick. I proceeded to tell him the situation. "No, your in the right place for that!" he responded. I didn't know what to do after that. Interrupting a conversation with a couple of girls seems normal at a regular bar, but in this place, it seemed like I was stepping over my boundary a bit. Rick pointed over to a three girls sitting in the back. "ONE of you go over there alone and sit down with them. You should have some luck"

I sucked down my scotch and grabbed my nerve while proceeding to walk over to the secluded booth. I sat down beside them and looked down at the table. "You must like what you see" uttered one to me. "My name is Donna and these are my friends Marla and Carla". I nodded and looked up just long enough to see that they had almost no tits at all! They did have on a lot of makeup and their faces looked good in the dim light. As my drink hit me, they looked better and better! They were very slender and tall. "Who are your 2 other friends?" Donna asked. I told them and then we proceeded with a bit of small talk. "I feel a bit unconformable here" I shyly murmured. "do you have a place we can go" Carla responded. With that, I told them to hold on for a second and walked over to the phone. I called Kathy. WALAH! the magical message told me that she already had a partner and she was ready to execute our plan. I then walked over to Mike and Dale and told them to get in the van. The 3 of us climbed into my custom van and the three girls took their own car and went to Kathy's dorm. When we got there, Nikki (Kathy's kinky friend from across the hall) was just shutting her door. She smirked as the latch shut.

I quickly opened the door to find Kathy giving this boy a head job. This kid didn't look over 16 years old. He quickly jumped up and grabbed the covers as he reached for his jeans. "It's alright, their friends of mine" Kathy said as she grabbed for his crotch. Our three girls looked at each other, smiled and followed us into Kathy's small dorm.

"HI everyone" said Kathy "this is Bob" pointing to her newly found friend. Everyone else introduced themselves. Kathy reached in her closed an pulled out 5 or 6 blankets and comforters and lay them across the floor. The rest of us sat down on the floor on top of the blankets and drank a few beers and smoked a joint.

I began to look at these girls a bit closer (now that we're in the light) There was something unusual about these girls' faces. They looked "different". Well all of us were getting fucked up, and I really didn't care!

Kathy and Bob was already naked, but they were under the covers on the bed. "Why don't you get comfortable" said Kathy. "first turn down the lights" said Carla Kathy lit a couple candles and turned off all the lights. Mike, Dale and I undressed and the Girls followed. Only one thing wrong. The 3 girls kept their backs to us while they undressed. I reached over to the fridge and grabbed a beer when I heard Dale say "I'm outta here!". I turned around to find Donna, Marla and Carla were GUYS! "SHIT" Mike said as both he and Dale stood up. I just sat there with my hand over my eyes with my head to the floor. Kathy jumped up and pushed Mike and Dale back to the floor and told them to stay. After a lot of bitching, Kathy sat down and grabbed Dale and Mike's Cock. This calmed them down real fast! Bob, on the other hand, was just sitting there with a hard on watching his "one night stand" grab 2 other guys' dicks. The "would be girls" were stroking their cocks to stiffness while I kicked back with my back to the fridge.

"Ok, let's not let this moment go to waste" Kathy eagerly ordered "This could be really fun! I can accommodate all of you guys!" Kathy then laid on the floor and began rubbing her clit for all of us to watch. Mike and Dale stood up next to the 3 other "girls" and they both began watching as they stroked their rods as well. Bob was still sitting on the bed watching this ordeal.

I leaned over to Kathy's nightstand and grabbed her enema bag. I left the room and walked to the bathroom down the hall. When I got there I filled it up with warm water and proceeded back to the room holding the bag up. As I was returning, One dorm door opened and a fat girl walked out. She looked at me holding a full enema bag and gave me a dirty look.

When I returned to the room, It looked like a roman orgy. Mike was on the floor with Kathy laying facing up on top of him. Dale was kneeling between her legs facing her getting ready to fuck her. I don't know what happened to Bob. I guess he decided this was too much for him. The 3 "girls" were stroking each others cocks in a daisy chain while standing all around Kathy.

I then undressed and began stroking my rod to stiffness while watching Dale and Mike fuck the shit out of Kathy. Kathy's eyes were rolling around in her head. I don't think she even knew where she was. Moaning and rocking back and forth, Kathy motioned me over to her side. I knelt down and she began stroking my rod very roughly. My balls were swelling from cum building inside of them. Mike and Dale were pumping real hard and fast. I moved over to her face and lay my balls on top of her mouth. She eagerly licked them, licked her finger and reached around to my ass and stuck her finger inside. This was almost too much for me. I told her I was going to blow my wad if she kept it up.

"Oh yes, DO IT! I want everyone to cum on me at the same time" murmured Kathy. I almost immediately obliged her and blew a HUGE load all over her face and hair. She rubbed it into her lips, face and tits. All of a sudden, Dale sat back, looked up at the ceiling, pulled out, grabbed his cock and blew a load that shot all the way up to her neck. Then there was Mike. He moaned and must have let a load go inside her asshole.

The three "girls" were now on their knees and stroking their own cocks while surrounding Kathy. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the enema bag and inserted the nozzle into Kathy's pussy. When I released the clip, an ocean of white and clear ooze ran out of her cunt, down her asshole and onto the blankets. Kathy reached down, rubbed all the leftover cum and then reached down to rub her clit. "stick that in my asshole" ordered Kathy pointing to the enema bag. I took it out of her twat without stopping the flow of water. Water spewed all over her thigh's and the blanket as I quickly jammed it into Kathy's brown pucker hole. "fill me up" cried Kathy as she reared up while rubbing her clit. I could see her stomach bloat as the water flowed deep inside her bowels. I just sat there and as the entire bag emptied into her asshole.

This must have set off the three "girls". All of a sudden, one of them shot a huge load all over the side of Kathy's face and in her ear. Then almost simultaneously, the other 2 shot their wads onto Kathy's stomach and tits as Kathy let out a high pitched squeal, gritted her teeth and rubbed her clit wildly. She arched her back, stuck her hips about 2 feet in the air, then began to climax.

Then it happened. Her asshole gave way to about a quart of water. It shot all the way to the wall which must have been 4-5 feet away. I have never seen anything like that before. It just kept shooting and spraying all over the blankets and wall. As Kathy rubbed her clit water shot in pulses concurrently with her convulsions of climax. Then she put her arm under her ass and plugged up her flowing ass. "I'M CUMMING, GOD, I'M CUMMING REAL GOOD!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. "Somebody piss on my face. piss on me,.... ANYONE!" she ordered. 5 of us encircled her and held on to our cocks. (Mike had left to go to the bathroom). Dale was knelt by Kathy's left shoulder. He concentrated for a second and then let a long stream go. It hit her on the stomach which joined the pool of white gooey cum that was already in her belly button. Then Carla, Marla, Donna, and myself joined in. We all were pissing like gangbusters all over Kathy. Marla had "her" balls over Kathy's forehead and pointed "her" cock into Kathy's mouth. Kathy opened her mouth began drinking "her" piss. I pissed on her neck and chest, Carla & Donna pissed on her pussy, ass and stomach as Kathy continued to rub her clit to a frenzy, convulse and climax. Then Kathy took her finger out of her asshole. Another large fountain of water shot out of her asshole and hit Donna and Carla on their laps. I couldn't believe the quantity of water that came out of Kathy's ass. That enema bag must hold more than a gallon! Donna and Carla were SOAKED with water. When the water stopped, Kathy's arched back dropped to the floor. It splattered all over the now soaked blankets while she sighed with relief.

When it was over, she was a mess of cum, piss and water. There must have be gallon of cum & piss pooled in her belly button as she stuck her finger in it and licked the remnants.

"We must do this again" Carla said. "Oh yah" I said sarcastically. "What are you guys' phone number's" asked Kathy


I know what some of you are thinking, "this is a crock of shit, this can't possibly be true" THINK AGAIN!!

THIS IS A TRUE STORY! I couldn't remember the 3 transvestites names, so I had to make their names up. I never heard from the transvestites after that evening. I think Kathy did get together with them a few times after that though.


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