Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Summer Watersports

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When I was 19, my best friend was Devon. She was married to Brendan, and they had a young son, Lane. Brendan worked as an electrician, and Devon was a stay-at-home mom. I was on summer break from college, working part-time and had just broken up with my steady boyfriend. I had a lot of time on my hands and started spending my afternoons over at Devon's house. She and I would put on bikinis, slather on the suntan oil and lounge around the little plastic pool in the back yard while Lane took his afternoon nap.

I remember that we hardly had any rain that summer. Devon was always be watering her meager garden. We live in the deep south, and it gets HOT! With no rain almost that whole June, gardens that didn't get watered daily withered and died. One afternoon while Lane was snoozing in the air conditioned house, Devon and I again donned our bathing suits and headed for the back yard oasis.

Devon was tall and willowy, a real back-to-nature beauty. I was short curvy, with the olive complexion my Italian roots had lent me. We looked damn good in bikinis and knew it. Because we so often decided to sunbathe topless, Brendan had rigged up some makeshift "walls" around the little plastic wading pool by using old blanket suspended between clothesline poles. This way the nosy old bat who lived next door wouldn't get an eyeful, or the mailman have a coronary.

We had taken a cooler filled with ice and beer with us and we sitting in the pool, sipping a cool one a passing a joint back and forth in a desultory fashion. With one hand, Devon directed the hose toward her drooping tomato plants. She sighed, "Even these tomatoes are wilted in this heat. It takes all their energy just to stay upright. Brendan's been working in this heat for so long, when he comes home he doesn't even want to fool around. I'm so horny, I could die!"

I glanced at her and smiled. Having recently broken up with my guy, I knew a thing or two about sexual frustration.

"I know what you mean. I haven't been laid in a month, unless you count my shower massage."

We both laughed. Teasingly, Devon redirected the spray of water at my crotch. Startled at the unexpected sensation, my breath caught in my throat.

"Don't get me started!" I tried to play it off. Now Devon had the hose pointed toward herself.

"You do it that way too?" she asked huskily, the stream of water still finding its way to her clit.

"Doesn't everyone?" I joked.

"I feel like I could pop one off right now, I'm so horny, " she said. She passed the hose over her pussy again, than flicked it to mine.

I was totally aroused now. I loved the way the water felt as it caressed my genitals in the tub; the erotic sensation I was feeling now was just the way I felt right before I came. Devon was watching me intently, her eyes riveted to mine as she slowly arced the hose back and forth across my pussy.

"Does it feel good? Am I doing it right?" she asked.

"You're going to make me come.." I said weakly.

"Don't you want me to?" she asked.

Did I ever! I couldn't believe that our seemingly innocent sunbathing would wind up with me orgasming in her back yard. My clit was pulsing and I could feel a wetness that had nothing to do with the pool surge between my legs.

"Yes! Do me, Devon, " I moaned as I opened my legs. I pulled the suit to one side and felt the water on my shaved pussy. I was trembling violently.

Devon slid closer to me in the pool, never missing my clit with the steady stream of water from the hose. She pinched my erect nipple with her other hand and lowered her mouth onto mine.

It was like stepping into another universe, this aching longing in my groin and soft lips at my mouth and neck. She traced her fingers down from my nipple to her own throbbing cunt. Back and forth across her clit she rubbed, as I pumped my hips even higher to feel the water. She pressed her thumb against the nozzle, making it arc in an even tighter stream directed on my clit.

I could hold back no longer and in an orgasmic frenzy, slipped my finger into her cunt. My orgasm seemed to last forever. When I could breathe again, I turned to look at her. She was wild with lust.

"Please, Annie, do to me what I did to you," she begged. I needed no second request. I grabbed the hose and directed the stream at her bare pussy. In tight rhythmic circles I kept the water playing across it, as she pinched her own nipples.

I wanted to make her come as good as she'd made me, but all the beer we'd drunk had taken its toll and now I had to pee.

"Devon, let me finish this after I take a piss." She groaned, "Annie, I'm so close!"

"I'm about to pee in the pool, baby. I'll be right back. I wish I was a guy who could just hang it over the side!"

"Do it that way! Don't stop!"

Still holding the hose on her cunt, I arose on unsteady legs, and attempted to aim my piss out in the yard. I had more control over the stream than I thought I would have. As I watched the yellow spurting out, I suddenly got an idea.

"Devon.." I gasped raggedly.

"On my clit, Annie!" she begged. I turned and hunched over her and redirected the stream of piss directly on her swollen clit. The hot piss cascading down after the cool water made her moan and thrash. I felt like I could piss forever. She was crying out and coming all at once, and I lost my balance and, still pissing, fell down on top of her in the pool.

We were like wild animals in the throes of wild passion, rubbing our pussies together and biting each other. She sat up and began pissing on me. My clit was so engorged, it stuck out inches from my cunt as the hot piss set me off again.

I don't know how long we stayed in that pool, pissing on each other's pussies and playing with the hose, but I do know that it became my favorite pastime that summer. We even learned how to do it indoors, in the shower, and would slip off unnoticed at odd hours to piss on each other in the bathroom. Every time I saw her my pussy would soak itself and my bladder feel the need to release. Even now, ten years later, I'll never forget the girl who gave me golden showers.


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