Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wish Cum True

Story courtesy of FREE

If you haven't read my story posted on 11-15 this will not make any sense to you. I have tried to write this four times but I get soooo excited I can not complete it.

This past Saturday night it was our turn to host the weekly get-together where we play adult games with our friends. Those games have included golden showers for at least three years. We have watched each other pee and have peed on each other in duals and other games. The purpose of telling you this is that the ten of us have seen each other intimately many times.

When our guests had left I started to clean up. My boyfriend told me to let it go and to go into the kitchen with him. There he hugged me and told me that I was going to get my wish. He showed me the enema bag he had put under the sink. My pussy immediately started to dampen.

I kissed him and told him how much I had looked forward to this time and how much I loved him. He had me get on the same table that had him on when my girlfriend's watched.

He had me kneel with my head down and my rear up. He even put pillows under my stomach for support. I can't describe how excited I got just watching him fill the bag with warm soapy water and hang it on the flower pot hook. The pillow under me felt like I had peed on it from my wetness.

Then he did something we had never talked about. He blindfolded me!! What a great sensation that gave me. As I was waiting I heard him walk to the back door and open it. I thought to let the dog in but to my surprise I heard him tell the guys to come on in. I did not know who they were but he said that if I could have three ladies watch him get humiliated he could have three of our male friends watch. I was speechless and my temperature must have increased 50 degrees with my turning red.
He had the guys pull chairs as close as they wished and told them they could take off their clothes if they wanted. I heard the chairs move and the clothes fall.
My b/f then told me that the next part would be cold. That is when he spread my cheeks and put some cold KY on my exposed rosebud. I recognized the voices as they told my b/f that in all the years of games they had never seen me exposed that way and how they loved it. When my b/f put his finger in me I started to pee. I couldn't help it. I just let go and the guys clapped. When I finished another finger and then a third were inserted in me. As he moved them around I ground my pussy into the pillows and wanted to cum but couldn't. When the fingers were removed I felt like begging for his dick but kept my mouth shut.

Then I felt the nozzle being inserted as far as he could get it. My pussy was leaking faster then when I had peed and the whole kitchen had my musk aroma in it. When he released the clamp and the first wave of warm water hit my insides I ground my pussy into the pillows and actually screamed with my orgasm. It was only when I calmed down that I could tell from the sounds that the guys were stroking themselves. In all the years of games we had never gotten sexual with each other.
When I had taken all the water my b/f held it in by plugging me with his fingers. I was as limp as a wet dish rag. He asked me to tell him when I could not hold it any longer. I nodded. He asked one of the guys to get the same trash can that I had used before and that they could take their positions to watch. My boyfriend held the can and the guys came to stand very close to me. I could smell their sex as well as mine. With out notice the fingers were removed and I exploded the contents of my bowls and exploded into another mind blowing orgasm that I had not expected and peed again all at the same time.

My boyfriend told the guys it was Ok with him and I could feel their cum hit my back.
I think I pasted out. When I came to he said the guys had gone. I started to get up but he said no. I had one more enema to take but this time he would use his very own plug to keep it in.

I hope you all have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!! I look forward to many more fabulous evenings with our friends. We hope that some of them get into this as we have.

-the end-