Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wet Women

Story courtesy of FREE

Two slut friends of mine, Annie and Marge, get together with me once in while for some nasty three-way orgies. Last week Annie was a little late getting to my place, but when she got there she was all excited as she pulled something out of her bag.

"Wait'll you see this. A stewardess I know brought it back from Denmark. It'll freak you out."

Marge and I gasped when we saw the cover of the video box and its title, "Lesbian Piss Orgy."

"What're we waiting for? Let's watch it!" I urged.

Soon the three of us, stripped naked and stretched out on my oversized couch, glued our eyes to the TV screen as Annie pressed the 'play' button. For the next fifteen minutes our mouths hung open in shock and awe as we gazed spellbound at the sensationally kinky video. It featured six gorgeous Danish dykes in a sauna, pissing on each other as a prelude to some heavy oral and dildo play. The three of us mindlessly played with our pussies as we watched the incredibly 'wet' video.

"Hell! Why don't we do that tonight?" Marge proposed excitedly. "I brought over a bunch of six-packs. Let's wolf 'em down and get nice and full. Then we'll give those Danish sluts a run for their money. What do you say, girls?"

"I say, count me in!" I enthused.

"Me too!" Annie squealed in eager agreement.

We downed can after can of cold brew as we watched the video over and over again. Finally I held my hand over my stomach.

"I don't know about you two, but I'm really full," I said.

"So are we," they responded in unison. "How about we go to the bathroom?" Marge added brightly.

I had a hot tub in my bathroom and now the three of us sat on its rim, eyeing each other with kinky lust. We had really gotten turned on by the Danish video and now wanted to try some of those hot piss games we saw in it ourselves.

"I'm gonna pee," I said boldly, spreading my legs and holding open the lips of my pussy, making my pee-hole visible.

Marge and Annie got down on their knees so they could watch closely. And do whatever else they were going to do!

"Here goes!" I said as I started pissing, a strong yellow stream gushing from my pussy. Almost immediately, Marge stuck out her tongue as my piss cascaded over it and splashed all over her face and into her mouth.

"Wow! Look at you! You're actually tasting Gina's pee!"

Then Marge lifted up her tits so my piss drenched them too.

Annie watched, mesmerized, as I showered Marge with my urine. Finally my flow stopped and now Marge grabbed Annie by the back of her neck and shoved her face against my pussy.

"Go on! Lick the piss off her pussy! Lap it dry!"

Annie eagerly sucked the piss-soaked tangle of my thick pubic bush and licked my labia, still dripping piss.

"And now suck my wet, pissy tits!" Marge demanded, shoving her tits, gleaming with my piss, in Annie's face. Annie sucked them dry with the same lustful desire as she had licked the salty droplets off my wet cunt.

"My turn to piss," Marge exclaimed, sitting on the tub's rim as Annie and I knelt down in front of her spread-open thighs.

We grabbed hold of each other and kissed a big, open-mouthed kiss, inches from where Marge was holding open her vulva. I savoured the essence of my own piss still on Annie's lips. Then, suddenly, as Annie and I were lost in a searingly hot soul kiss, Marge began pissing all over our faces. Immediately our lips pulled apart and we both turned to Marge's cunt, letting Marge's extra-heavy stream splash all over our faces and tits. We even had Marge piss into both our open mouths at once as we kissed passionately, quenching our depraved thirst with her golden cocktail. As Marge's ample flow of piss filled our mouths, we let it spill out over our tits and downwards until both our bodies were drenched with Marge's urine.

"Look at you two sluts!" Marge said as her flow subsided. "You're as wet as two fish."

"Yeah! Two salt-water fish," I cooed, as Annie and I now stood up and pressed our drenched bodies against Marge, making her damp with her own piss.

"Your turn!" Marge said, pointing to Annie.

"I want to do something different, like we saw in the video," Annie said, getting out of the hot tub. "Let's go over to the toilet."

Marge and I looked at each other; we knew just what Annie had in mind. It was just about the wildest scene in the video.

Marge immediately knew the part she wanted to play as she got down on the cold tile floor and rested the back of her neck on the rim of the toilet, then threw back her head and opened her mouth. Annie straddled the toilet so her pussy was right over
Marge's mouth. That mouth was going to be Annie's real toilet now! Now I knelt down on the floor so my face was right above Marges's open, waiting mouth. Both our faces were now only inches from Annie's pee-hole. I stared at that hole as Annie held her labia wide open, giving both me and Marge a good look.

"You girls think you've just pissed," Annie gushed. "But you ain't seen nothing yet. I've never been so full in all my life. So get ready, 'cause you're gonna get really wet!"

The urine rushed out of Annie's pee-hole right into Marge's mouth. After a few seconds her mouth was full of piss, and I moved in, closing my mouth over Annie's pussy as she resumed pissing, quickly filling my mouth too.

Both our mouths full now, Annie forced herself to stop pissing as we stood over her. Then we opened our mouths and let Annie's piss cascade all over her body.

Annie was really full, so we did this about eight or nine times.

By the time Annie had finished pissing, Marge and I must've taken a couple of pints or more of her pee in our mouths, pee that we then let spill all over Annie's body. That body was again drenched with piss, this time Annie's own!

"God! this is so freaky! Annie squealed in delight as Marge and I rubbed ourselves all over her wet body. Now the three of us, our bodies slick and slippery with piss, dropped to the shag bathroom rug and began our feast! We sure had drunk our beverages. Now it was time to eat our meal: pussy!