Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sex Fair

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Roll up! Roll up! Welcome to the Global Village Sex Fete. It's just like all those old Church Fetes, except that it's completely different. And a great deal more money is made for charity, for the simple reason that it costs a fortune to get in. But people come. And they come and they come. Why? Well let's take a tour of the stalls.
Here, for example, is the Piss in a Bucket challenge. It's available to women only, and the idea is simple. If three or more women can piss into a bucket at the same time, without missing a drop, they win £10,000. But they ten pounds for the privilege of trying. Three giggling girls are paying their money now. Let's just take a look.

They're an attractive trio. Two of them are tall slim fashion model types, one a Scandinavian blonde, the other an Italian brunette with dark chocolate eyes. The third is much smaller, a young honey-skinned Thai girl, with breasts that seem too full for her tiny frame shifting beneath her white t-shirt. First they size up the problem. The blonde suggests coolly that they would be best if they all squatted round it, and they try this, with their clothes still on, but realize that there's no way to prevent their big, sexy legs from getting in each other's way. They try another arrangement, with the two tall girls squatting, and the Thai standing astride, aiming between them, but the Thai girl says she couldn't stand like that long enough. The Italian clutches her groin through her skirt and complains that she won't be able to hold out much longer. Eventually they agree on a strategy. By now quite a crowd has formed to watch the three beauties attempt the prize, and there are big cheers as they discard their lower clothing, to reveal their pussies. The two tall girls have shrugged off their skirts, their fabulous legs clothed in stockings and suspenders, but their cunts completely bare. The Scandinavian has surprisingly blondey-brown pubic hair barely disturbing the creamy colour of her skin, but the pink of her prominent labia is only enhanced by this. It is difficult to see the dense, jet black curls of the Italian, as she is clutching it to prevent the piss coming out too soon, but those near the front of the crowd can see that she has a slim finger between her juicy flaps, right over her piss-
hole. We can also see that her rich caramel tan gives way to a paler, milky colour, in the perfect shape of a pair of high-thighed bikini bottoms. But the little Thai girl causes most sensation. Her big tits wobble as she lifts first one foot, then the other, from her jeans, and turns to reveal a perfectly shaven pussy, cleft like a peach by a straight, featureless slit. The two tall girls take up their positions, standing astride the bucket. They realize that they can't get close enough together unless they put their arms round each other and press their mounds together. They smile at the enormous cheer which goes up as they do this, but the Italian girl protests with a slightly pained expression that she can't hold out much longer. The Thai girl slides her legs between theirs, and quickly perches her bottom on the edge of the bucket, supporting herself, crablike on her arms and legs. She nods that she is ready, and the referee comes to watch. He tells them they may start, and almost before the words are out of his mouth, there is a sound like the hot tap of a bath, as a solid tube of piss shoots down from the Italian girl's cunt. At the same time, the tall blonde lets the golden juice start trickling from under her clit, and a few seconds later, the Thai girl starts weeing into the bucket. For the first few moments, it seems to go well, and maybe the prize money is theirs. But then, simply by accident, it all goes terribly wrong.

The tall girls' streams start mingling together, and this ruins their aim. They feel their mingled piss dribbling down their thighs and into their stockings, and start giggling in disgust. They inadvertently start to piss over the Thai girl's smooth pussy, and she starts to protest too. The referee immediately pronounces their attempt invalid, and the big Italian doubles up in giggles. She loses her footing, and, as if in slow motion, her marvellous bottom is thrust backwards, her buttocks opening to reveal the dense bun of her ebony pubes cleft by the moist flesh of her cunt-lips, which are still squirting Soave. The young Thai giggles with disgust as she is drenched by piss from her friend's open vulva, the heavy stream splattering a trail all the way from her hairless pussy to her bobbing breasts, soaking her t-shirt a transparent yellow colour. At the same time, the Scandinavian girl misses her footing, knocked over by the Italian, and falls backward onto the mattresses placed there for just such an eventuality, and lies there giggling, spurting a golden fountain into the face of the floored Italian. In the audience, T-shirts are being ruined as penises silently and involuntarily pulse sperm in response to this most erotic of spectacles.

No-one can wait for the next three contestants.


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