Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Night the Tables Were Turned

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on several occasions i will try to make my girl tori wait as long as possible, i'll not let her use the clubs restrooms or drive slow on the way home, often times i'll have to go so bad i'll stop at a park and pee and make her stay in the car, she's too modest to piss in public anyway. when we do get home i'll drop my keys or something, then when i get the door open i'll listen at the door for her too gush for minutes.

one day she almost didn't make it and she said "you'll pay for this" but i never really took note of it.

The next weekend she was driving from one club to the next and i said "I really gotta piss"

she said" your a big boy you can hold it"

i said "what"

she said" that's right i said you'd pay for making me wait, going low, stopping and peeing in front of me"

at the next club which happened to be at the top of a hotel. i begged and pleaded all the way up to be able to use the john, she finally got tired and stopped the elevator. she looked at me and said "if you cant hold it any longer let's try to find a bathroom"

we wandered around the floor but found no public restrooms. we then walked into the room with the pop machine and ice machine. she said go in the trash can over there in the corner. i protested but she said "you men can just rip it out anywhere you want, we women have to squat and at least you guys only have to find one side of protection while we women need 2 sides not to be seen, now go or not, but stop when i tell you too" when i got going for like 5 seconds she said "stop", i couldn't stop right away and she got mad and yelled at me. i said that i would try better next time.

so we went upstairs and she made me drink 3 beers. I knew that she also must be near bursting cuz we had both drank the same amount. after 3 beers i was bursting again, although i really never stopped bursting.

I begged and pleaded for the bathroom again. after and hour or so after the last little bit of relief. she finally consented. she decided we should go downstairs though. she went into the women's and i thought i finally had a minute to piss while she was in the women's. she opened the door and told me to come in with her.

i didn't really want to but she pulled me in saying "you can go pee when i'm done, but i want to watch you so you don't go too much. she made me follow her into a stall. she sat down and said. "i can hold it as long as i want and i can go when i want to. now i want to go" she let go fully and gushed for minutes it seemed like. the sound of her gushing made me almost go in my pants. she stopped pissing.

i didn't waste a second whipping out my cock and was almost going before i pulled it out. she grabbed my cock and held it so tightly that i came right there and that only made things worse. and then she said" not till i'm done"

she started again this time in a slow trickle. she stopped and grabbed for some toilet paper and whipped herself off. she then said i could go. after about 10 seconds. she said stop and i didn't immediately. she shoved me hard against the wall while i was still going and i sprayed all over.

she pinched the end of my dick to make me stop. she went off yelling at me "I am so ashamed of you you can't even hold you bladder as long as mine and can't even stop when i tell you to. "we went back up and had a few more beers she then decided it was time to dance and i was in misery bursting more than before. while dancing she started grinding on me and made me cum again, i then couldn't hold it and some piss squirted out and wet a nice sized patch of my jeans and went on to her pants.

She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out of there all the time yelling "look what you did, you made me all wet also" down on the sidewalk on the way to the parking lot she said i could go no in my pants. i couldn't really argue so i did it with lot's of other people watching. then in the car she said" i hope this makes you think twice about making me hold my pee"

-the end-

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