Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Piss at School

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i like to tease myself by not going to the bathroom until i get home from school, not even when i wake up. this morning was different, but i had a cup of coffee. i have never had coffee before so i decided to try it. i drank 2 cups. i wet off to school and went until third period before i had to pee. i was wearing a skirt that was about 8 inches above my knees and slits 3 inches higher. i was sitting in science when it hit me. i had to pee bad. there was water squirting into the fish tank and that was not helping either. i asked the teacher if i could go to the bathroom, but she said i should have gone before class. i was sitting there squirming around. then this boy that i liked walked by and tickled me on his was to sharpen his pencil. a little squirt came out and made my panties wet. i stuck my hand up my skirt and rubbed my pussy lightly to keep my mind off of pissing. as the boy walked back, he hit my hand and 2 of my fingers went straight into my pussy. i almost bit my tongue off from not screaming. the teacher was calling out names to present their reports. 5 people went in front of me, and then she called my name. i walked up to get my report and then to the front. on my way up, the boy tickled me again. i almost pissed right there. i was really nervous. then i realized my report was on waterfalls. i was half way through my report when i knew i was about to burst. my panties were very thin, and white while my skirt was black. i continued and all of a sudden, i felt a little stream run down my leg. i looked down and there was this puddle on the ground. there was a stream of piss going down and all the people were staring at me. i tried to hold it in, but the pressure was too much. everyone was laughing at me and after that day, i have enjoyed watersports, especially with the boy who tickled me. now i never wear panties and a bra and i always wear tight clothing. i am 16 now, that happened last year.
-the end-

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