Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My First Pee-gasm

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Last night I had the most intense orgasm of my life, but then again I'm only 23. I suppose I should also let you know that I am female, divorced (the guy was an alcoholic) and living in a one room apartment. The other thing I need to let you know is that I was born with a slightly malformed clit. It is rather large, and I needed surgery as a child to fix the fact that my clit was completely exposed and placed slightly higher than normal. The surgeon made a clitoral hood for it, but as I grew up, I noticed that whenever I got aroused, instead of sticking straight out of my pussy, it actually stood straight up in the air, much like a mans erect cock! Granted my clit was only about an inch or so long, but the angle was really different! Not only that, but because of the surgical make over I got, my
erect clit also pulled the front of my pussy slightly forward. This side effect was simply an inconvenience and really never made penetration (from either my ex or my vibrator) a problem. However, there was a side effect I did not realize until last night.

I've always loved watching girls pee, in fact my browser is filled with links to my favorite sites. Does this make me a lesbian, maybe, but I seeing girls take a good piss has always been exciting for me. Anyway, I was going over my favorite sites and getting really hard (I'm getting hard just thinking about it now). I've never had the nerve to try pissing anywhere other than the bathroom, but I got so horny last night that I got a bath towel, spread it out underneath my computer desk and waited for just the right time.

After about an hour of surfing, I was rock hard, my pussy lips were really puffy and I really wanted to pee. Normally, this is the time I would grab my vibrator, lay on my bed and bring myself to orgasm and lay there in my afterglow. Then I would get up and go pee. Last night, however, I did something really different.

I got my vibrator, but stayed in the chair. I scooted down a bit so that my clit was sticking up in the air and I put my legs over the arms of the chair. My pussy was completely open and the smooth vibrator moved easily in and out. I was watching a movie clip of a girl stuffing her pussy with a dildo and really getting off on it. I was on a WS site, so I knew she was going to pee eventually, I just didn't know when. After a few minutes of watching the girl, I could see that she was going to piss up a storm! I was so exciting by this point, that I would hardly wait. After a few more seconds, she pulled out the dildo, and opened her pussy with her fingers. As she moaned, out shot a huge stream of piss that must have shot out a good 5 or 6 feet. That did it, I wanted to piss! Now, remember that I had my towel below the desk and was all ready. For everything except what actually happened...

I opened the floodgates and my pee rushed towards my piss hole. Something, however, didn't feel right and instead of shooting straight out, I was pissing a geyser straight up in the air! What was better, is that the stream was hitting the bottom of my clit. I was beyond horny and the my fountain of piss flew out of my pussy, arced about 3 feet in the air and splashed on the wall behind my computer. The pee hitting my clit was the most powerful sensation and I started to cum. As I came, the stream became spurts as my clit twitched up and down and the stream looked more like the series of jets that a man produces when he cums. I knew it was just pee, but that was also very exciting! Unfortunately, the spurts started flying everywhere. They hit the monitor, keyboard, mouse, the desk, me and really
soaked my computer. I must have been cumming for at least 30 seconds and the spurts of piss never stopped.

When I was done with my incredible orgasm, just sat there. There was pee everywhere. The intensity of what had just happened was overwhelming and the smoke from my monitor didn't even phase me. My clit was aching from being so excited and I was still leaking piss onto my chair for lack of bladder control. After a few minutes, my clit had deflated and I was able to get out of my chair. I unplugged my PC, cleaned up the mess (thank GOD for hardwood floors), took a shower and went to bed. It was the best nights sleep I'd had in years.

I woke up this morning realizing that I had destroyed my PC, but also having to pee. I did not want to waste the opportunity to see just how fun this little side effect could be. I hopped in the shower and proceeded to play with my clit. Once hard, I stood at the back of the shower and let fly. Again, a steady stream of piss shot out directly towards the far wall of the shower, hitting my clit in the process. I didn't cum, but I was so horny by the time I was done peeing, that I got dressed, went out and bought a new PC. This time, I also bought a rubber keyboard cover, and placed the CPU on the floor under the desk. The monitor is a flat screen LCD monitor and partially covered with its very own towel. This is the new PC on which I am writing this story for you.

Well, that's my story. Right now, I am sitting slouched in my comfy chair at my computer desk, my clit (which has been hardening the entire time I've been writing this) is sticking up in the air and my vibrator is at the ready. I've had at least a two liter bottle of Diet Coke over the last two hours so my bladder is full and I've been flipping back and forth between my piss sites and this story so I am really ready to cum. I may write again if I find any new tricks I can do with piss!

-the end-

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