Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Made to Drink

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My first story and it's about my first Golden experience. I had been seeing my girlfriend Sarah for about 6 months. Sex with her was always great, but we had got to that stage where we had tried all the "regular" things (if you know what I mean) and things were starting to get a bit predictable.

Then one night I told her about a porno that I had watched as a teenager featuring some Golden Showers. I was expecting her to be shocked, but to my surprise, she asked me more questions about it. I was getting so horny talking about it and I could tell she was too. I asked her outright if she wanted to do it and to my utter delight, she said she'd always wanted to do it, but just thought that I wouldn't ! So within a minute we were naked and stepping into our large corner bath. We got warmed up with some oral sex and then she said the magic words that live with me to this day... "I want to piss over you.. and want to see you drink it" I gasped and almost came right there and then. So I laid back in the bath and she stood astride me rubbing her swollen wet pussy and opening her lips. I leaned forward to slid my tongue up and down her honey sweet pussy, licking her clit hard and going all the way down to flick over her asshole.

She then pushed my head back and looked at me with such a horny nasty look that rocked my world. She licked her lips and said "open your fucking mouth" I did as she ordered and a strong stream of piss, shot out of her pussy and soaked my face. It was a feeling unlike any other before, the pee was so much warmer than I expected and I moved my head to catch it in my mouth. mmmmmm tasted sweet and good. I looked up at Sarah and she said "swallow my piss". I let is slide down my throat and drunk as much as she could give me. I licked her pussy clean and she pulled me to my feet to kiss me and push her tongue into my mouth. She liked what she tasted and then we swapped positions.

I stood over her pointing my dick at her large gorgeous tits and released my stream of golden love juice all over them. She rubbed her nipples as I soaked them and said "in my mouth.. I want your piss in my mouth" How could I refuse!? I moved forward so my cock was an inch from her face and soaked it before pushing it into her mouth. It quickly filled with piss and cascaded out the sides and down over her body. She pushed me away so she wouldn't choke on it, allowing enough pee to settle in her mouth before slowly swallowing it. She sighed and groaned as an orgasm ripped through her body. I had never seen her looking so hot or reacting so hornily. As you can imagine, we went on to fuck all night long and we have never looked back. We are now very happily married and have golden fun at least twice a week.

-the end-

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